New Year's Makeover | Danyzell Style (Part 3: Shop, shop, shop!)

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Welcome critters, to my third installment of a "New Year's Makeover | Danyzell Style."

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Cleaning out your closet in part one may have left you with less clothes than what you'd like to have. And now that you've completed part two and know what kind of items are going to work best for your body and your desired style we can begin to SHOP! This is the part we've all wanted to do the whole time anyways, am I right?

Thankfully, we have taken the time as part of step two in order to decide what we need using a shopping list. Rushing out to the stores blindly can not only create chaos and an overwhelming feeling, but you're going to want to buy anything and everything even if it doesn't fit properly into your wardrobe.

[Step 1- Prioritize your list]
     > Go over it one more time. As part of step 2 we already took the time to make a list based on what your chosen style is, what you already have, and the basics that you still need; but, going over that same list again a couple of days later will ensure that these are still the items you need and desire.
     > Put the important stuff at the top. When you prioritize your shopping list you need to think about which items will have to most impact in your closet right now. We all may have those desired items that we love but don't really need, so put those on the back burner for now and focus on the articles of clothing that will just MAKE your closet complete. Prioritizing you shopping list can really help alleviate any stress you have. Plus, if you're on a budget you can visually see the first things you need to purchase and then work your way down as money allows.

       Online vs. In Store
       Personally, I love to shop in the store. If you have a weird body type like me then online shopping is often times just too unpredictable.
       However, some of the best deals can be scored online. If you know what size you are and can have faith in the company that you are purchasing from, then I would say go for it! 
       Whatever works best for your lifestyle it ideal because shopping is shopping, right?

[Step 2- Buying the clothes] 
After you've arrived at the store (or in the case of online shopping, the clothes have arrived at your house), we need to make the decision on whether or not to buy the clothes (or return them).
    > Analyze the fit, the feel, and the look. Moving around can give you the opportunity to think about how this item is fitting and feeling on you. The dressing rooms are just meant for you to change and stare at yourself, but take a step out of them and walk up and down the fitting room hall. In pants or a shirt, giving yourself the opportunity to move around gives you a different feeling of the item. Also, make sure that the item looks good when you're doing these things... looks is what it's about anyways!
     > If you use the 'but' word, it's not worth it. "I like this shirt, but..." I want it longer, I wish it was blue, I need long sleeves. These are all kinds of problems we encounter yet time and time again I find myself still buying the clothes. I made a rule for myself that anything with a 'but' wasn't worth it, and it truly helped me decided what was really necessary and what wasn't. I'd suggest you do the same!
     > Is this practical? This should be an easy question to answer that can weed out a lot of unnecessary items. As in part one, decided what is truly going to work in your life.

Don't get frustrated if the first time you go shopping you don't find everything you wanted. It may take a couple of small shopping trips for you to decide what is working for you.

Want to see what I picked up on my shopping trips? Check out the video below to cheek out my haul.

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