New Year's Makeover | Danyzell Style (Part 2: Creating your style)

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Welcome critters, to my second installment of a "New Year's Makeover | Danyzell Style."

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Now that you've all cleaned out your closets in part one it's time to think of new and fabulous things to fill it up with. It's really important that you keep your closet filled with things you love, things that reflect who you are, and things you can wear all of the time.

Sadly, before we even begin the fun step of shopping, we have one more thing to do... and today we are going to talk about Part 2: Creating your Style. This step is super important because you need to make sure you won't be using the 'I don't have anything good to wear' excuse again.

Creating your style isn't only about finding your style "niche" (edgy, preppy, boho, etc.), but also about finding out what clothes work for you. Everyone has a different body shape, and therefore, everyone has different types of clothes that look good on them. While we will be discussing style types, its also important to keep in mind your body type, too. We will be determining what clothing shapes, styles, and designs work best for your life, your attitude, and your body.

[Step 1- Assess what you have]
     > What are your go-to's? If you've implementing the Hanger Method, you should already know what you have and have not worn. Decipher what you have been reaching for most often, and why those are your favorite items.
    > Analyze your current style. Seeing what you already have may help give you an idea of the style you are going for, or maybe it'll make you realize you want to switch it up a bit. One of the best things to do is look at old pictures of yourself. Did you like what you were wearing? Why or why not? It's important to see what items look flattering on you, and what items you know you already love.

[Step 2- Look for inspiration]
    > Use pinterest! This site is the best for finding super cute outfits. Just type in fashion, style, or even edgy (if that's what you're looking for), and you're set to begin making a very impressive style board with tons of inspiration. Even if you aren't in love with the ENTIRE outfit feel free to pin it instead and make note of the things you love and the things you want to stay away from.

[Step 3- Make your shopping list]
    > What do they have in common? Check out your "go-to's" and compare it to your inspiration outfits. Decide what they have that is the same, and what they have that makes you like them so much. Is there be a trend (like combat boots or flowy tanks), or a color/pattern (like floral or cobalt blue) that you keep pinning or wearing over and over again? Figure out if you need more of those items, and add that to your shopping list.
    > What's on your inspiration board and not in your closet? Personally, my board is full of edgy items like chunky boots, black graphic tees, and over sized tops, but I have hardly any of that in my closet. I know that these are the things that I am drawn to, the things that fit my personality, and the things that look best on my body. You need to decide what you have on your board that needs to be in you closet and will be worn all the time.
    > Are there simple basics that you need more of? My friend Kristin has this awesome blog where she posts all about fashion and beauty. Not too long ago she did a style essentials series where she helps you build your closet with basic things that everyone needs. Check out her blog here, or even read one of my favorites of her essentials posts where she talks about your everyday basic tees!

Figuring out what you have, finding what you want, and listing what you need can be one of the most daunting tasks, but remember--after this we will be going SHOPPING! Without a list in hand and preconceived ideas of what you are looking for, each store can be overwhelming. You don't want to wind up spending and buying more that you need, so that's why this step is so important.

You're done with step two! Do you feel accomplished and satisfied with the work you just did? Comment below to tell me about your new style... what trend are you obsessed with, and what things look most flattering on you?

The next steps Coming Soon!

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