I got a new camera!! [VLOG 2/21-2/23]

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Hey critters!

The title of this blog post is true... I DID get a new camera. It is a very nice Nikon Coolpix S9500, and so far I am really liking the quality. SkyCzar got it for me for Christmas--I don't know why it's taken me so long to actually publish a video for you all to see.

The vlog was taken over this past weekend that I went home. I am also going home this coming weekend that is why most of my time in this video is spent with Sky's family and most of my time this coming weekend will be spent with my own.

Before I get into the beef of what happened over my wonderful 3 day break, I want to mention that I am trying something new. One of my fellow blogging youtubers who I follow very religiously has tried this new thing where she blogs her daily life for an entire week and then recaps the previously week on a certain scheduled date every week following. I love this idea; however, I do not know if I can work that sort of thing into my schedule. The act of taking videos will not be hard, but the editing and posting can sometimes be a tedious issue. So, I am not making any promises, but this is what I want to try to do. Do you understand?

Anyways-- let's get into the weekend post now :)

This past weekend I drove home with Sky and Zoey to go visit our families back at our hometown. I called off work and he had that week off so it was perfect. We both hadn't seen our families since Christmas break so it was due time.

On Friday, Bloomington was gorgeous!! As we were taking off we rolled the passenger window down to let in some fresh air, as well as give Zoey the chance to be all cute and stick her head out. Little did we know that that window motor had had enough. Vrooooooom, and now it was stuck. Driving out of Bloomington wasn't bad because it was pretty warm, but the further we traveled north, the colder it got. Soon, Sky and I were blasting the heat in a desperate effort to make Zoey stop shivering. We were using sweatshirts and tshirts from our laundry basket as blankets!! Finally, we made it home. (Sky's dad and brother-in-law set to work later that weekend to work on the motor and fix the window.)
At the house we talked and visited family; however, I didn't have to opportunity to enjoy much of it because I had gotten a migraine. I usually get them pretty badly, and this one was no break. Thank the lord for medicine!!

On Saturday I spent the majority of the day with Sky's sisters and his mom. We took a shopping trip to South Bend, and just made a day out of it. It was a blast! We sang loudly, waved at truck drivers, and bought what we wanted. It was great to get out of the house again and spend some much needed girl time with these beauties!

Photo Credit: Jilljara
Sunday was the sad day that we had to head home. There was some drama with the vehicles that we were planning on taking, but as expected, we got it all figured out. Driving three hours back to school is never fun, but at least we didn't have to freeze with the window down this time.

To follow along with me and see some more behind the scenes of my weekend check out the video below!


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