New Year's Makeover | Danyzell Style (Part 1: Going through your closet)

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Welcome critters, to my first installment of a "New Year's Makeover | Danyzell Style."

With a new year comes new beginnings, a fresh start, and a chance to get out with the old and jump in to the new. I love the idea of reflecting on the past and making positive changes for my future. This year I am determined to emphasize the new me! And the first step in that long journey is a revamped, refreshed, and rejuvenated makeover.

For the next couple of weeks, I am going to be walking with you as we go through our closets, clean and organize our style, shop until we drop, and flaunt our personality with clothes.

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Now, before we even begin to think about the new things we want to buy, we need to decide what we have that works and what must go. Today we are discussing Part 1: Going through our closet so we can start fresh and get the organization in motion!

[Step 1- Clean up]
     Pick up your space. Within the next couple of steps we are going to completely tear apart the closet. Could you imagine trying to get everything straight and organized in an already disastrous room? Just start the organization process now and do a quick pick up.
     > Put yourself together. Do your hair, make-up, and throw on some glam (yet neutral) clothes. Simple straight hair and an everyday eye look with black leggings and a white tee is what I went for. The clothes you try on will look better when you feel better about the way the person looks inside them. And don't forget to keep it neutral because you don't want your other pieces overpowering the items you are trying to eliminate.

[Step 2- Make piles]
     > Try it all on. My suggestion is go through one type of item at a time. Put on all your shirts, then your pants, and so on. This makes sure you get rid of any duplicates, and helps keep me focused on the task at hand,
     > Categorize your clothes. Start by making piles as you try anything on. One pile called 'Donate,' another for some of your 'Maybes,' and a pile for the 'Keeps.' Make sure that all clothes that do not fit or are ruined go straight into the donation/go pile--I don't care how much you used to love it!

[Step 3- Reevaluate your piles]
     > Are you getting rid of too much? Do you have lots in your keep pile? This can be one of the hardest parts, but make sure you are being reasonable with yourself. Go through those piles one more time, decide where the maybes need to go, and finish up this first brutal task.
     > What if you still can't decide on those 'Maybe' items? Sometimes it's just too much to make a decision in one day, so make sure you hang those leftover maybes in a separate spot in your closet using my hanger method. Then come back in two weeks and look over those items again.
          Questions to help you along the way
          1) Does it fit me? I know we all have those couple of items that we use for inspiration towards our new year's weight loss goals. But we can't keep all of those old clothes. Pick a couple, and 2 sizes must be the limit critters!
          2) Would I re-buy it? You need to decide if this is really something you love. It helps to imagine if it was in the store, would you buy it again?
          3) Is it practical? I may love a certain item, but if I never have a reason to wear that completely sequenced gold dress then I shouldn't keep it--it's that simple.

[Step 4- Put it all away]
     > Keep it organized. Honestly, it doesn’t matter how you decide to put your clothes away in your closet and drawers, just make sure you have some method. A closet that just gets it’s clothes thrown into it is never going to be clean and organized—so, have a method.

Now don't fret about it too much; if you can't accomplish this step in one day then take a break. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed in our projects that we loose focus of the final goal. Take some time to figure out what you really want and tackle the piles another day if that's what you need.
Also, feel free to check out my video below to watch my struggle as I clean out my closet and organize the clothes.

You're done with step one! Do you feel accomplished and satisfied with the work you just did? Comment below to tell me about or show us all of your hard work... what's in your keep pile and what did you decide to donate?

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