DIY Water Bottle

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Hey critters!

One of my New Year's Commitments for 2014 is to be healthy. Now that's a very broad term, but I have taken the initiative to enter workouts into my schedule, choose only one day a week to eat out, and drink more water.

Now, speaking of water-- that got me thinking, "how much water should I really be drinking a day?" Doing some internet research I concluded that the average athletic male should drink 3 liters of water a day! Wow, that's a lot. How could anyone accomplish that?

And here's the answer! I created this water bottle. This is a water bottle to help me keep track of my water consumption. It was super simple to create, and it also allows for a lot of customization! You can bedazzle it up more and add some girly flare, or make it more simplistic for those more down to earth people.

[Step 1- Gather your supplies]
     > Items you will need: Any water bottle you choose, permanent markers (colors of your choice), rhinestones for bedazzling, and any other decorating items you'd enjoy!

[Step 2- Do the calculations]
     > How big is your water bottle. If the measurements are not on the side or bottom, fill the bottle up with water and dump the contents into a measuring cup.
     > How many times do you need to fill up the water bottle to reach 3 liters? How ever many times you conclude is how many lines you need to create on the side of the water bottle.

[Step 3- Draw the lines]
     >Now that you know how many times you are going to have to fill up your water bottle, you can begin drawing that many lines. I used tape to attempt to make the lines as straight as possible. Honestly, this was a tricky part; but, don't fret because expo markers remove sharpie (you're welcome).

[Step 4- Mark out the times]
     > Start at 8am and end at 8pm. This was the easiest time slot for me because during the normal school day I know that these are the times that I will be awake.
     > You will only have one start time at the very top!
     > Split the times evenly. I know this seams like a lot of calculations and figuring right now, but in the long run it will make everything easier and you more healthy!

[Step 5- Decorate]
     > Do this however you please! Make it you, make it fun, make it personal :)

Now that you have your water bottle completed you can start drinking! No more keeping track on a piece of paper, just fill it up and drink constantly. I find this water bottle to be my new savior-- I am carrying it around with me everywhere and using it constantly.

Let me know if you love this creation by commenting below or sharing it with your friends! I'd love to see your water bottles, so feel free to email me at!

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