My New Year's Resolutions

Copied from my old blog:

Hey critters!

I am one of those people that everyone makes fun of who creates a list of resolutions they want to follow for the new year and then never stays on it. However, this year WILL BE DIFFERENT (haha, I'm sure you've heard that before).

The other day, while I was working at Charlotte Russe my manager was making a list of her resolutions-- instead, she called them commitments. And that idea stuck with me. Calling them commitments makes these resolutions seem more concrete; it means I have to do them.

So, here we go... my 2014 New Year's Commitments.

Eat out only once a week
Have more Girls' Nights Out
Read 12 books
Blog often
Make more friends
Call my sisters every day
Study lots

I WILL do these! I am confident that they all can be completed. Have you created some commitments for this year? What are they, leave your number one resolution in the comment section below!

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I love you all! Peace OUT