Day 2-- Where I'd like to be in 10 years [January 30 Day Challenge]

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Today I have been instructed to post about Where I'd like to be in 10 years.

In 10 years I will be 29 years old, almost 30. As much as I look forward to my future, I am not the type of person to follow a strict plan. I like to roll with the punches and live life the way that it falls.

>>As for family: At this time in my life I would hope that I have been married for 4 or 5 years (at least) and have one or two kids.

>>My Career: Currently I am studying informatics. This major has so many options in our new age of growing technology; therefore, I really could be anywhere. In 10 years, I'd love to be a full time blogger--but, I know that that's not exactly possible. No matter what, I am going to be keeping up with this blog, changing it, and making it grow. Other dream jobs of mine include working for Apple, working for a design company, or creating blogs and websites on my own. Also, with my degree in technology combined with my experience in public speaking and organization I would love to be some corporate leader's personal assistant. The more I think about being a personal assistant, the more it appeals to me.

>>Location: I am open to living nearly anywhere, but lately Sky and I have been discussing/most me just telling him that I want to be living in California. But seriously, I am open to anything. I am happy with the idea of staying around where our families are; however, I am not sure I can thrive the way that I wish to in such a small town.

As of today, those are my hopes and dreams. The more I learn, the more I grow, and the more my life changes I alter these dreams. I would say I am a pretty free flowing person. I like to stay organized from day to day--but, those long time dreams shouldn't be stressed over. I am living my life in the now.

What are your plans? Can you relate to my 10 year plan?

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