Day 20-- How important you think education is [January 30 Day Challenge]

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Today I have been told to talk about How important I think education is.
Education is very important, okay, end of story.

I think that education is important in today's society because, in the end, it teaches you a job force and allows you to advance in the world.

I believe that education is very important... education of basic facts and skills that a person learns in the earlier years of schooling set a great foundation for future learning. College is VERY important! When entering college you begin focusing your learning on things that you are interested in and begin traveling down that path to reach a degree in the area in which you plan on working for the rest of your life. That being said, without those basic facts and skills that you learned in the beginning elementary level, you would not be able to advance and build your knowledge at the college level.

Education is important-- the beginning skills you learn can build into a great stepping stone for future learning. Then, specialization and career focused learning that you achieve in college makes you truly marketable in the job force.

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