Tuesday Twenty-- Twenty reasons I love Indiana University

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Hey critters!

Before we begin, I just want to apologize for being a bit MIA this past week. I was and still am a bit under the weather. Also, it was the first week of classes for the second term, and it took me a little while to get used to the new schedule.

Anyways, I hope you all had a lovely MLK Jr. Day, but now it's back to work time for me.

Here's this week's Tuesday Twenty:

Twenty reasons I love Indiana University
  1. All of the buildings (except one) are made out of limestone which makes campus absolutely gorgeous 
  2. For every tree they tear down in construction they plant two more on campus somewhere
  3. We are extremely into recycling
  4. There are career resources and more available to ALL students
  5. Diversity is important
  6. They care about your health-- every student has two free sessions to visit an on campus counseling center
  7. The library is huge and has everything you need
  8. All students can get a free massage at the health center. 
  9. The food courts are like a hub for mini restaurants, and you can get nearly anything you want from sushi to sandwiches
  10. Professors have specific times to meet with students, but will take any extra time you need if you just communicate
  11. There are so many clubs and organizations for anyone to join
  12. The mall is only like a couple blocks away
  13. We have amazing art and attractions that always awe me every time I see them
  14. Professors talk to you as their equal; if you put in the effort on homework, projects, and communication so will they
  15. It's a huge community and every day you can meet someone new
  16. Even though it's a very large community, there is still a small town feel
  17. Many people hate all of the construction that seems to constantly be going on; however, I see this as a positive- I am going to a school that is always growing, expanding, learning, and changing
  18. They try to incorporate technology because IU understands that this is the future
  19. There is literally a niche for everyone
  20. The campus is stunning snow, rain, or shine!

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I love you all! Peace OUT