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Hey Hoosiers!

Welcome to 2014. It's a new year and a new semester. Now's the time to look back on your past year and remember all the good times and make strides toward preventing future bad ones. Everyone is constantly looking back at their year, but I find that far too often, students forget to look back at their semester. Yes, you remember those crazy parties, or that awesome game that got you up on our feet. But, what can you change to make this semester even better class wise? Were you organized enough? Did you study enough? These and many more are all questions that should go through your head to make this next semester even better!

Today, we will discuss a list of questions that you should ask yourself after every semester in order to make the next one more successful.

1. Did I study enough?

They all say that you should study 3 hours per class hour, and WOWZAH that's a lot. Personally, as much as I try I cannot accomplish that. However, there's still a solution to passing those classes: schedule in that study time. By making it a routine to spend one hour here and one hour there to study can make you turn it into a date, an appointment, and a time in your calendar that you cannot miss. Doing this will surely get you ahead in those classes, organized a bit more, and in a better place in order to pass every class.

2. Was I organized?

Usually as soon as you think of the word organized you know how you stand. If you are unorganized their are plenty of ways to turn that around. My solution? Binders! At the beginning of the semester print out every syllabus (having that online version is not the same) and put them in their own binder with a monthly calendar where you copy every single assignment there as well. Having a visual is always the key for me to staying organized. [Check back again soon for an organization post.]

3. How was my stress level?

Stress can cause so many other issues in your life! So, controlling your stress level is very important. Some tips for managing your stress include:
  • getting enough sleep,
  • setting limits,
  • learning to manage your time, and
  • making time for hobbies.
However, finding a solution to your stress is ultimately up to you and your needs.

4. Did I balance my relationships?

As insignificant as this may seem, having external relationships can really help you in college. Learning to take a break from school work to hang with friends can reduce stress, making friends and working out together can make getting healthy fun, and finding friends in your classes can create study groups that are intellectual and entertaining. Too much work and no play makes you a strung out college kid ready to quit. It's easy to get wrapped up in what's going on around you, but keeping those high school relationships and going out of your way to communicate with family makes college more manageable. 

5. Did I maintain my health?

Hit by the freshman fifteen? Why? Think about what you did wrong and what you could have changed. I find that the best way to combat the college weight gain is to schedule in work outs. Jessica Campbell did a wonderful post about the SRSC where she discusses working out at IU. Trust me, it really isn't as hard as it seems. Another way to keep your health under control is to plan your meals--nothing to over the top, but think about what you are going to eat each day before you head out. Doing this will make sure that you consider every option and can give you the incentive to choose the healthy one. Also, don't forget to drink water!

Looking back at each semester can help make you grow as a student and thrive to make each and every moment better. It's important to look back at what you accomplished during the new year, but also looking back at each and every school experience!