Christmas List 2013

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Hey critters!

The purpose of this post is mainly meant for my family and really close friends. 
I figured that giving a detailed explanation with pictures, websites, and prices all attached in one spot would be way easier than writing a list on paper, and then expecting my family to find the stuff that I am looking for. So, for the past couple of weeks I have been compiling images, websites, and more in a folder on my desktop just for this very detailed list! I really hope this makes it easier on all of my family and friends.
Also, I need to mention that some of the stuff on my list is pretty pricey. I made the list as a large display of a wide range of things that I have been wanting; therefore, I honestly do not expect to get all of this, or even half of it, for Christmas. I always feel really selfish when making a Christmas list, but I guess that's just how it is when you are forced to ask for things even though you are completely content with the things you already have. I do not, by any means, need any of this stuff.
FYI: The list is in no particular order at all!
Don't forget to scroll all the way to the bottom and check out each items specifics like prices, places, and sizes.

1) Beauty Blender- This little thing is a make-up life saver (or so people say), and I have been dying to try it. You can buy these at a lot of different make-up stores and there are plenty of dupes out there, so I don't necessarily need the brand name one. The Beauty Blender comes in one size and can run from $19.95- $28.95 from Sephora.

2) Amerie High Shine High Waisted Disco Pants- I have seen a lot of people on YouTube with these sort of pants, and I just love them. I think that I would be happy with any sort of disco pant, but I founds some really nice ones for pretty cheep at I believe that I would need a size 4, and they cost $16.

3) Be Seen Liquid Crop Top- Okay, so I know a lot of the clothing that I have listed is specific stuff; that being said, I would be happy with basically anything similar. I just wanted to be as specific as possible to let you know what I really liked. This is a crop top from Forever 21. I think my size would be a small. The cost is $13.80.

4) Classic Tight- I fell in love with the classic tights while looking for different things on the Forever 21 website. I feel like I desperately need all of the colors. Really all I want is some colorful tights. The ones I found cost $5.80 each. However, sizing is hard--sometimes I like to get med/lg in order to suit my long legs, but I think the sm/med will fit just fine, too.

5) Finn Knit Sweater- This sweater is from Brandy Melville; however, there is no store near here. So, you would have to order it online. I love the flowiness of it, and I think it looks super comfy! It comes in one size and cost $55.

6) Conair Infiniti Pro Spin Air Brush- I think this product will be perfect for me. It is a spinning blow dryer that I can use on my short hair to create lots of volume! I have seen is all over the place listed at varying prices. The one at WalMart costs $39.05.

7) Crazy Socks- The ones that I have shown are called the Dinosaurs Socks from Urban Outfitters. All of UO's socks run 3 for $20, and I absolutely love them. However, I just want some crazy, fun socks to have peeking out above my boots!

8) Doc Marten's- Okay, so this shoe is definitely one of my top three favorite things on this list. I haven't quite decided if I want the "original" ones or the shiny leather ones. I can think of so many outfits that these chunky boots can go with, and I can't wait to have some as part of my wardrobe. Doc Marten's have an official website that you can order from or most shoe stores carry them as well, like Journey's. Lately, I have been wearing a size 8 in most shoes, so that's what I would purchase.

9) Cool Girl Skater Skirt- I love the look of the circle skirt! I own a black cotton one and would die to have an awesome leather looking one like this skirt from Forever 21. I'm sure you can find a skirt like this at many stores, but as I looked around this specific skater skirt was my favorite. It goes for $19.80, and I am a size small.

10) Fringe Queen Kimono- At the moment, I have a bit of an obsession with kimonos. I feel like they could be the perfect jacket to pull over everything even in the summer. I currently do not own any so I always like to start out with simple black, but I like the look of all of the patterned ones out there, too. The one in the image is from Forever 21. I would probably like a medium to keep it flowy and comfy. It costs around $23.

11) iPad- At first I was skeptical about adding this to my Christmas list. I am pretty sure it's too pricy, unless my whole family pooled together to purchase it. However, I thought that I would include it just to demonstrate the absolute desire that I have for one. I will hopefully be getting a post out before the holidays about how I would use it, along with a list of pros and cons. The new iPad Air retails for $499, and I would want it in the color Space Gray.

12) Kat Von D's Lock-it Tattoo Foundation and Concealer- I am all up for trying some new make-up, and I feel like I am a foundation junky. I would love to try Kat Von D's line that is sold by Sephora. I am guessing that my foundation color would be light 48, and maybe light 18 in concealer (but I'm just guessing based on the images on their site). They cost $34 and $25.

13) Lucca Couture Dolman Open-Front Cardigan- This super comfy looking sweater is from Urban Outfitters and costs $69. I can not stop looking at it and thinking about how warm and snuggly I would be while wearing it. If it were me, I would probably purchase a medium because I like all of my sweaters and cardigans to be super warm and baggy like a blanket :).

14) Tie-Dye Socks- Oh, I just thought it was necessary to tell you again that I wanted some super cool looking socks! Please...

15) Lo Dress- This simple black dress looks very suiting for my body shape, which is why I love it. Plus, I can easily dress it up or play it down. It is another item from Brandy Melville and must be ordered online. It costs $28 and only comes in one size.

16) Naked Basics OR Naked 2 Pallet- By no means do I need both of these eye shadow pallets. The naked basics is essentially a smaller version of the Naked 2 pallet. Therefore, if you are wanting to spend $52 on the awesome larger pallet for me then I would love that. But, I would be completely happy with the $27 naked basics pallet. Both of these can be purchase through the Urban Decay website, or found at most major make-up stores.

17) Urban Renewal Pull-On Flannel Skirt- I feel like this fun skirt could go with a lot of the clothes I already have. It suits my style well, and seems to look very warm and comfortable for the fall and winter seasons. It is from Urban Outfitter and costs $49. I would need a size small.

18) Girly Lace Ankle Sock- Surprisingly, I had a really hard time finding a place that sold socks like these. I really think they could girl-ify some of my more grungy and hardcore looks by peeking the ruffle outside my boots. I found these specific ones at American Apparel for $9.

19) All-day Chelsea Wedge Boots- I cannot talk enough about these boots. I probably should have made them #1 because I think they are my most wanted thing on this list. From Forever 21, these simple every day boots are reasonably priced at $36.80. I would need a size 8. I just love how their low wedge makes it so they can be worn with everything!

20) Women's Transit Jacket- This is another one of my expensive desires. This coat is from The North Face and goes for $249. Last year my grandma purchased me a very nice North Face; however, it is a little more like a rain coat/wind breaker. Now don't get me wrong, I love it, and it definitely has it's place--and, so will this new coat. I was looking for something a little heavier, yet very versatile. This is one of their top rated lifestyle coats, and I feel like I would get a lot of use out of it. In all honesty, I have no idea what size I would need--if ordering offline, I would probably purchase a medium. However, I really don't know how these coat sizes run.

Well, that's all guys! Please feel free to ask me any questions in the comment section below or even shoot me an email (and family: give me a call). I really hope that this will aid in the gift giving process, and I would love to hear what is on all of your guys' lists.

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I love you all! Peace OUT