Simple Eye Look (eyeliner series part 1)

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Hey there my lovely critters!

About a week about I got a wonderful request from Brittni to do an eyeliner tutorial (thank you for the request!) And so, today I decided to give you all a full eye look. This video shows you how I normally do my eyeliner  and some shadow on a regular day. I will be doing more eye looks in this series to show you all how I do my cat eye winged look along with a lot more eyeliner styles and tricks that I have learned.
Check out the video below to learn all about how I do my simple eyes. Some of the recommendations that I give apply to other people with small eyes or hooded eyelids like me.
Feel free to leave video responses :) I would love to see how all of you critters work your magic with eyeliner! Don't hesitate to ask any questions either.
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I love you all! Peace OUT

Published on Jul 29, 2013
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Products mentioned in this video:
Maybelline Falsies Mascara
Maybelline Felt-Tip Eyeliner
Sephora light brown Eyeshadow
E.L.F. Contouring Brush
CVS Brand Eyelash Curler

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