I Love My Job @ Charlotte Russe

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Hey critters!
So, the other day I had a meeting with all of my fellow Charlotte Russe employees. And boy was it a blast. We did things like talk about this months numbers and statistics along with discuss our up coming goals for the new school year. We also tried on all of the jeans so that way we can promote them better when girls come in school shopping.
Now, I know that you are all asking, "why was it such a blast?" Well, the answer to that question is this: I love these girls! The whole entire time we were having this business meeting/training session we were all giggling, telling stories, and exploring the new friendships each and every one of us was creating. We took pictures and made jokes, ate snacks and did everything fun that you would expect to do at a slumber party--and all of this was happening at our business meeting!
I love being a specialist at Charlotte, too! Being a trend specialist means that I get to read other blogs about fashion, celebrities, and the hottest stuff for college aged kids. I really enjoy teaching all of the other associates about what they should be wearing to work and how they should be approaching the new hip girls walking into the store. At the meeting, I got to teach everyone about the trends for back to school, how to denim fish (it's super fun hehe), and how to set and design the window displays.
ANOTHER fun thing that happened at the meeting was the opportunity to introduce myself to all of the new girls who has just started. For them, I am sure the idea of a meeting was pretty scary or even a bit intimidating, but all of the experienced associates, specialists, and managers made every single one of the new girls feel like they were already a huge part of the team. We laughed and joked with them as if they had been part of the group all along.
Working for the Charlotte Russe company was one of the best decisions I have like ever made! It has really made this past summer something to always remember. I can't even explain to you how pumped I am to be working here for the rest of the time I am in college... and who knows, maybe longer!

Here are some pictures from the Charlotte Russe Back to School Meeting:
All of the specialists!
Us specialists in our mannequin poses :)

The whole CR group

You always have to have a funny pic!!
I love this group, my job, and just everything about life! I can't stop smiling :)
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I love you all! Peace OUT