School is starting soon

Copied from my old blog:

Good afternoon critters!
Soooo, my crazy life is constantly changing.
1) Near the end of July, Sky and I moved into another house with two other guys--Jake and Dillon. We left our old apartment complex in a hurry because we were unaware that the lease ended on the 29th rather than the end of the month. Therefore, Sky and I packed up all of our stuff and in a couple of hours and moved over early into our new house. The sad part was: we were taking the spot of another guy who had previously lived there, but his lease on his new apartment didn't start for another entire week!
2) Sky and I spent about 8 days sleeping in the foyer on a futon surrounded by all of our boxes. Getting ready for work was the worst part--I had to dig through all of my boxes in order to find clothes, shoes, jewelry, and make-up. So, I of course was not too concerned about blogging at that time even though you all were on my mind the entire time, but I am sure you can understand.
3) Finally, Sky and I have recently moved into our new room in the nice house. I really like this place, and our roommates are really cool, too. We have a huge fenced in back yard that Zoey can run and have a blast in, a nice kitchen, and a big living room for all kinds of activities ;) But we have another sad part...
4) I don't have a desk anymore. In our old apartment, we were using the desk and dressers that were provided with the apartment; therefore, Sky and I only have one desk and no dressers at this place. Soon we will have to be purchasing some new desks and a dresser to house all of our clothes that cannot be hung up. Life is complicated!
5) On Friday of this week I will be moving into my single dorm room. The reason that I have a dorm room is because Sky and I are a couple that is still pretty recent. We dated for two years in the past, broke up for a short time, and now are back together, but I just wanted to have a place to go if I needed to (not that I will). Anyways, I move in this week and start training as a Welcome Week Assistant. I am super excited, but I know I won't have lots of time to blog! Maybe I can take some awesome pics and record a couple clips. Oh, and speaking of my dorm room, I think that I am going to turn it into a nice blogging office with lights for filming and all that stuff. I talked about it in this post if you want to hear more about my plans because I am SUPER stoked!!!

Well, now you guys are all filled in. Hopefully, once school starts I can get a cool routine going and start blogging very regularly.
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I love you all! Peace OUT