Copied from my old blog:

Good evening critters!!
Today I went out to run errands hoping to snag me some Mac Cosmetics at Macy's. However, they don't carry it... did you know that? So, they offered to order it for me, BUT the whole reason I came to the store was to make sure it matched my skin perfectly since I have never purchased their products before. Well, I wound up sitting down with a nice lady who worked at Clinigue. She gave me her whole speal (or however you spell that) and, I caved in purchasing a new foundation called stay-matte oil-free makeup. I have minor acne and she tried her best at conning me into purchasing some treatment on their line, but I saved my money and just stuck with the make-up so I could continue using what I have been to treat my face.
So, my review: first off--the woman who helped me at the counter was okay. She gave me answers to the questions I asked and still pushed for me to buy her product. However, on a 1-10 (10 being the best) I would only give her a 6. Why? Because she seemed very spacey, and it often seemed like she wasn't paying attention to me much. Now, the product. I've obviously only just used it considering I bought it today, but so far my first impressions of it are good. It was a little pricey (especially considering the fact that the bottle wasn't even that big), but it has proven to be matte and long lasting like advertised. I wish they had something a little heavier though because I want to cover up my blemishes better; this product was only medium coverage. The woman at the counter said that it was build-able; however, I am scared to do apply multiple layers and become cakey. I plan to give an updated version of this product as we get into summer and it gets hotter. In the mean time... What kind of make-up do you use? What's your favorite concealer or foundation? And if you have acne issues like me, what have you found as your best way of treating it?
Love you all. Peace out!