Copied from my old blog:

Good afternoon critters.
OMG! I am so happy to finally be done with all of my finals. I was very lucky to have had my last test Monday afternoon at the start of finals week. Now I'm just waiting for Sky to finish up.
This summer I am staying here at college with my man :) I can't wait. It is definitely going to be a blast. I got a job at the local Charlotte Russe so I won't be bored while Sky is at training until 5pm. My orientation/training for the job was yesterday, and I really enjoyed the interaction with customers and, also, the amazing coworkers that I encountered. Being a sales rep is not the ideal and dream job that I am looking for in a lifelong career, but it is definitely entertaining for now.
It is absolutely the best day out today. The sun is shining so bright, the birds and all the other animals are wide awake, and the temperature is just right (well, in my opinion at least). Sky and I just got back from a walk with our JRT, Zoey. She loved it outside as well. She's only 5 months old and this was basically her first encounter with the heat; therefore, she was panting, yet, she was still going crazy like all JRTs will.
I love you all. Peace out!