July Recap

July Recap

Why do I feel like every time I get on here to review one of my months I always feel so overwhelmed about how the month went. The last recap I did I felt so busy, so full of different events and activities, and mostly I just felt like I had so much change going on in my life. But then this past month happens, and I feel like everything is just 10x more overwhelming and busy and full of change. Is this just adult life now?

here’s a recap video of july that i posted on my instagram stories:

july in one word:

word of the month-- change

I might have been tempted to use the word “busy” again this month, but for the sake of doing something different I chose the word “change.” July was a month described by change because quite simply put it was the month that I prepared for moving. We changed our current apartment a lot last month (to get it prepped to rent out to someone else), we changed a lot of our habits by trying to be healthier, we changed some of our routines, and then finally we changed the location in which we lived.

Moving again in such a short amount of time was rough. This change actually spilled over into August, so I’m sure the next recap I do will talk a lot about us moving. But I am so excited to be here. While change can be hard and a constant struggle to adapt to, I think that all of the changes that happened this past month were absolutely necessary. These changes were to better ourselves and our future, so I am pumped for what happens next.

successes in the month of july:

1. I had a few family sessions and scheduled many more for the upcoming months. This is a big deal because I am just starting to branch out and do families and lifestyle and newborn type sessions with Lang Videography. I’m focusing a little bit more with picture taking, but still want to keep my main mission to be about memory keeping through video.

2. We listed our house for rent! I manage the properties for my parents that they use as rentals, and for the last few months Trevor and I have been living in one. It was teeny tiny, and we knew that it was something that we’d need to transition out of eventually. So when we were able to list it as For Rent it was a big moment for me. It solidified the excitement that I had about moving to our new place and made everything seem more real. Since we were showing our tiny home often to lots of different strangers, we had to keep the house clean all the time. It was a struggle but also a major blessing that I am so thankful for.

3. I committed to daily vlogging, and I did it!! We did a bit of a vlogmas in July type of thing over on our vlog channel this past month where we were vlogging almost every day. It was actually exactly what I needed. It revamped my drive to create content and re-inspired me to get creative in other ways too. If you haven’t caught up on our vlogs then you definitely need to. You can find them on our YouTube channel here.

4. I upped my Instagram game! This is a success for me because it is something that I’ve wanted to do and have thought about for awhile and never really made it a priority. Since my creative juices were flowing almost all month long thanks to the daily vlogging, I just dove right in and did some Instagram overhauling. I scheduled out tons of Instagram posts for my @langvideography instagram page. And I even did a little mini photoshoot for my personal @danyell_lang instagram. I’m excited to keep working on these, keep present in my IG stories, and even maybe introduce something new with IGTV!

difficulties that I encountered in july:

I keep putting off the work that I need to do for DigidaniCo. DigidaniCo is my Etsy shop that sells digital produces intended to be used in digital planners on devices like your iPhone or iPad. I have the shop, a dedicated Instagram page, and a really growing YouTube channel, but for some reason I never seem to be able to make this a priority,

I really need to buckle down and focus in on it though, because quite frankly, this hobby can really make me a lot of money. I am currently getting some consistent sales on Etsy and it’s literally just sitting there!! Imagine the cash flow I could have if I just put in some times and energy into this baby. This next coming month I want to actually tackle this project head on. I need to create videos, upload to Instagram, and design tons for my shop. The more active I am in this community and on the Etsy platform then the better off my little side hustle will be.

While this was a difficulty in July (and a difficulty for many months now to be honest), I am stepping up to plate and am ready to make this a major focus in August. Let do this! Keep me accountable people, haha.


So, to wrap up this blog post I want to take a look at some of the goals that I made in my May & June Recap post, and compare all of that to how I did this past month.

read a book

This did not happen. With last month being so full of change and constantly busy, I never was able to prioritize just sitting down and reading a book. That’s no excuse though!! I should be reading before bed, or first thing in the morning, or listening to an audiobook. There are tons of options to help me tackle this goal, and I have yet to commit to any of them.

successfully daily vlog all month long

Yes!! As mentioned in the successes section of this blog post, I was able to daily vlog in July. Check it out here on my YouTube channel.

book at least 2 more sessions of any kind for Lang Videography

I ran a sale in the middle of July for a 50% session. I only had a few slots I wanted to fill which made the deal an exclusive first come, first serve, sort of event. It got me quite a bit of family sessions (more than 2), so this was definitely a win!! I’m excited to continue to work with others in capturing their memories and stories.

wake up earlier in the mornings

Yes, yes, yes. The way that I was able to accomplish this goal was not really by going to sleep earlier or anything like that, but rather, I just opened my blinds in my bedroom. The sun would wake me up earlier in the day than when I normally stumbled out of bed, so waking up earlier (with the sun) became pretty easy.

The only goal that I didn’t accomplish last month was reading a book, so I want to still pat myself on the back and say I did a good job. I am proud of what I achieved last month, and I’m really pushing for another good month to come. Here are my goals for August:

+ revive Digidanico on Etsy, Instagram, and YouTube

+ stick to my new Nike+ running schedule

+ move everything over to our new place from my parents’

+ make some content for IGTV

As I always say, writing down my goals gets me excited to achieve them. Like seriously… I’m taking a break from typing this blog post to write down these goals into my planner right now.

If you aren’t caught up on our vlogs, then please check out our vlog channel here. I will be linking our July 2019 playlists below for you so that you can watch everything that we caught on camera during this past month. I love that I can document my life, capture amazing memories, and store them away in my safe online world for others to view and myself to review for years to come. If you would like to learn how you can memory keep better, please contact me because I would be thrilled to assist you on your journey.