May 22 - 28 | Weekly Vlog

This week's vlog is a two-parter. So grab some wine, some popcorn, or whatever you'd like and sit down for some fun! We started the week with some good grub--we even used ingredients from our own garden. Then we took a trip to the local dog park so Skye could get her play on. My favorite clip from Part 1 was when we gave you a little hint of what we go one another for our Birthday. Leave a comment with your guess on what you think it is!

As if the first part of our weekly vlog wasn't enough, then comes part numero dos! In this part you get to spend the weekend with us while we enjoy some family time. We enjoyed making some homemade ice cream! If you watch the videos below you'll also get to learn more about Trevor's family while we spend Memorial Weekend with his close relatives. We visited his ancestors and his grandpa caught us up on the stories from long ago. On the way home, Trevor even got his truck a little muddy. So when we got home, the nephews helped us clean his truck.

We then had a birthday celebration (for both of us) where we split a cake and a good night of fun with family. After waking up the next morning with no hangovers, (GO US) we opened a few gifts from people the night before. We had a very fun but exhausting weekend, and there is no better way to spend a weekend than family. Wait for next week to find out what our birthday gift to one another is, but don't forget to leave you guesses in the comment section below!!!

Part 1

Part 2

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What is a weekly vlog?

Our weekly vlog videos are a compilation of clips throughout our week--clips of us learning new things, trying fun stuff, and exploring all the places! You can expect these videos to contain bits and pieces from Monday-Sunday with a new video coming out every Wednesday morning.

To see more pictures from our Memorial Day Tradition of visiting the cemeteries, then click the button below.