Apr 24 - 30 | Weekly Vlog

In this week's vlog, we show what Trevor was up to on his friend's bachelor trip. They stayed in an awesome house that had many fun things to do like playing pool, darts, beer pong, and cornhole (bag toss). When they weren't playing games in the house, they were out on lake Texoma. They got to go tubing and even tried wake boarding. After all that fun stuff they enjoyed a few evenings of hanging out and eating a bunch of food. Trevor came back with a very bad sunburn (I told him to use sunscreen) and a bit of a cold from being outside too much.

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What is a weekly vlog?

Our weekly vlog videos are a compilation of clips throughout our week--clips of us learning new things, trying fun stuff, and exploring all the places! You can expect these videos to contain bits and pieces from Monday-Sunday with a new video coming out every Wednesday morning.