April Bullet Journal

April is spring time, and that's what my bullet journal is all about this month. I loved setting up all of my monthly pages for this section! The colors look nice and the design I chose really fits how I'm feeling this month. I hope that you like my April Bullet Journal spread!

I really wanted to film a video for this post, but to be honest, it just didn't work out. I wasn't happy with the clips, so I decided to scratch that idea. Maybe next month. If you REALLY want to see a Bullet Journal flip through video next month, then comment down below letting me know!

So, the colors that I chose for my theme this month are magenta, pink, and lime green. I have been waiting for these spring months to really break out some girly floral patterns, and April seemed like the perfect time. I used this same flower pattern frequently throughout my entire journal.

One of my first pages in my bullet journal is always my goals spread. I love to keep my goals for every month front and center so that I am continuously reminded of what I am striving for. For more details regarding my goals for April, feel free to check out my April 2017 Goals blog post here!

The above spread is BY FAR my favorite one in my entire journal. Usually my blog schedule pages are more for functionality and not as pretty, but I feel as though this page has the perfect mix. I loved that I decided to use a more mauve pink washi for down the left sides because it made the spread look more worn and rustic.

Every month I create a calendar that is more for memory keeping and decoration than it is for functionality. I use my phone and work calendar's for all of my future planning, but having a monthly calendar in my bullet journal really makes it feel more complete to me. My favorite part of these spreads is always the section called "Things to Remember." This month I will use a light pink dot to mark memorable events and take note of these days in my monthly planner.

I use colored pencils and PaperMate felt tips markers to decorate these pages. I like using markers because they write nice and easily, but I also like throwing in some different textures, shades, and colors with my basic set of Crayola colored pencils.

My tracker pages have changed for this month. I used to only do the tracking and self-care graph that you see on the left hand side of the pages, but recently decided to throw in a more focused Health Tracker there on the right. My health has been a huge focus for me these last couple of months, but I've lacked the motivation to really do much about it. I thought that by adding a designated page focused on things that I want to keep in the forefront of my mind regarding my health I would be able to achieve my goals a little bit better.

And finally, my monthly pages wrap up with a brand new spread made specially for the spring time. This is my planting calendar. If you don't know, I recently started a small little patio garden, and am sooooo pumped to make some fresh things grow all on my own. This page is more or less for memory keeping--reminding me of the time I created a garden--rather than functionality, but gosh it sure is pretty.

This bullet journal is definitely getting a little full, but I am really excited to be moving into my new one soon. Who thinks I'll make it all the way through April before needing a new journal? I'm hoping to start the new one right at the start of May, but we will see. I might even make it in there sooner!

I hope that you enjoyed this peak into my bullet journal for the month of April. I am planning on doing a post like this every single month, but hopefully next time I'll have a video to coorespond with it.

A few weeks ago, I did a video about my daily pages that I create in my journal every night before bed. They help me get organized for the next day and feel a bit of peace before drifting off to sleep. If you want to see this post and the video then click the read more button below.