March Reads

Every month I write a Monthly Reads blog post in which I talk about books I read the previous month and books that I plan to read in the current month. Last month, February, I had set a goal to read 4 books and I made it through 3 of them. I'd say that that is pretty good.

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A Discovery of Witches, By Deborah Harkness

I rated this book 2/5 stars. I was really disappointed in the writing style of this book, and I thought that Harness was absolutely too detailed with every little aspect. For example, minor and major characters all had VERY extensive background stories that were all told in detail no matter the relation to the novel. And to make matters worse, there were 5 or 6 different plots all going on at once that just made the book too overwhelming.

Wintergirls, by: Laurie Halse Anderson

I flew through the book in one sitting. I remember reading it on the couch all day on Saturday and just devouring it. I would put a high trigger warning on this novel though for others that are suffering with an eating disorder because it is written in the perspective of Lia who is anorexic and often expresses deep self-hate throughout the novel. I rated this book 5/5 stars on Goodreads, and would recommend.

All the Bright Places, by: Jennifer Niven

I rated the book 4/5 stars because I loved the read, but felt like the main plot was slow coming. Again though, I binge read this book in about 2 days. I'm a huge fan of contemporary novels, and I had a great experience reading this book which was set in Indiana (where I'm from!!).

March TBR

This month I plan on completing the Red Rising Trilogy. I got Trevor these books for Valentine's Day (check out my related post here). He hasn't really started reading them yet, so I kind of took over and have made it about 5 chapters into the first book.

These books are futuristic novels set on Mars. We follow the main character, Darrow, who is at the lowest social class--the reds. There are different social classes all organized by color; for example, red is the lowest class and gold is the highest. As a red, Darrow is tasked with the job of prepping Mars for the income of all humanity. He works tirelessly but happily knowing that he is making an impact on how the rest of humanity will live on Mars. But, later Darrow discovers that humanity has already arrived on Mars and has been there for generations. Darrow feels betrayed after discovering that he has been deceived and used as a slave for humanity. The rest of the trilogy follows his war with the golds and other higher social classes as he fights for what he thinks is right.

The book sounds like an epic journey, and I'm excited to rush through the adventure with Darrow and his family as they fight the enemy and attempt to reclaim a proper status in society. 

Please leave a comment down below letting me know what books you are planning to read this month. You can also find me on Goodreads if you are interested in checking in on what I am currently reading and my progress on my books.