Vlogmas: Week 2


This past week was a little rough! But we posted videos almost every day like we promised! I am actually really impressed with how well we are keeping up with this, and it's inspiring me to make more videos for Trevor and I in the future. You can check out our entire playlist of videos here!

Here are the videos you might need to catch up on from this second week:

Vlogmas Day 9

Today was an exciting day in which we got our first ever HelloFresh meal! I loved it and had a blast making some new food. I think that HelloFresh and other subscription services are less about being convienent but more about introducing you to new meals.

Vlogmas Day 10

This video is awesome! IT'S A HOUSE TOUR. And something that I have been wanting to share with you all for awhile now anyways. I'll probably do a full blog post about this later this week, so stay tuned!

Vlogmas Day 11&12

This was the day that I really started being effected by migraines. We wound up combing these two days because we didn't have enough content to post on the first day. I like this video because you get to see Skye being her sassy self. She is really talkative and likes to mouth back when we talk to her--it's funny.

Vlogmas Day 13

I did a full blog post about this video! If you want to read it, you can do so here!

Vlogmas Day 14&15

And then these days are when the migraines really took over! I couldn't do anything, let alone have much fun and film any really cool clips. All I wanted to do was veg out, watch tv, drink tons of water, and not talk to anyone. I've struggled with migraines since grade school, so this is nothing new--but it still sucks every time.

Vlogmas Day 16

But let's end this week's videos on a happy note!! Here's the video where we made Gingerbread Houses! We both had never done this before so it was simultaneously stressful and fun. I think that that's why I find the video so freaking hilarious--you can see the tension between us and it makes me laugh.

Like I said in last week's vlogmas recap, the reason we are making these videos is truly just for us. Yes, it's cool that I get to share these experiences with others on YouTube, but really, I'm just excited to have these memories stored for years to come. When we're married or have kids or are in totally different points in our lives we can look back on these videos and remember what it was like to just be carefree and fun.

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