Vlogmas: Week 1

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Vlogmas is going great! Check out our entire playlist of videos here. If you don't know what vlogmas is--essentially, its a YouTube thing where you film a new vlog every day until Christmas (or if you're feeling really go-getter, every day for all of December). Trevor and I decided to give this a go on our vlog channel and are absolutely loving it.

Here are the videos you might need to catch up on from this first week:

Vlogmas Day 1

First day of vlogmas just started off with a bang!! I had a really rough morning, but the day turned out not to be too bad. I got beer at work, so that's always good.

Vlogmas Day 2

This video kicked off the annual Christmas shopping weekend with Trevor's family! We did this together last year, and I was so excited to do it again. A few members of his family came over to Kansas City, they got a hotel, and we shopped until we couldn't shop any more.

Vlogmas Day 3

Another shopping day! This was one of my favorite vlogs for the week because it features Grizzle being funny and causing havoc with the Christmas tree, Trevor streaking through the living room, and us doing silly shenanigans with his family that evening.

Vlogmas Day 4

This was a rough one because we had to go back to work! And then we came home to Skye having ripped into a few Christmas presents--that was definintely a new one for us. We typically have issues with her getting into the trash, but NEVER has she done anything like this.

Vlogmas Day 5

Another exhausting work day--there's starting to develop a trend here. When we got home from work we just sat and hung out because we were so tired. We talked about some of our Christmas time traditions from when we were growing up.

Vlogmas Day 6

Here's my ultimate favorite video from the entire week! I just really liked this one because it was different and fun and I had a blast filming it. My mom and I always Facetime together and drink wine for #WineWednesday, but this week we spiced it up a bit and played Disney trivia too!

Vlogmas Day 7&8

And finally, days seven and eight. We decided to combine these two because we didn't have much content on the 7th and didn't really want to force anything. Working full-time jobs and trying to make cool family vlogs on the daily is actually rather hard. No wonder famous vloggers don't have any other jobs but vlogging.

I'm really having so much fun putting these videos together. Honestly, the reason we are making them is truly just for us. Yes, it's cool that I get to share these experiences with others on YouTube, but really, I'm just excited to have these memories stored for years to come. When we're married or have kids or are in totally different points in our lives we can look back on these videos and remember what it was like to just be carefree and fun.

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