NYE 2016-2017

This post has been drafted up for almost a month now, but I never published it! Better late than never, right?!

This year's party was a little different than our recent other New Year's Parties. It seemed smaller, more intimate, more relaxed. But I still can't decide if it felt that way because I finally felt that way, or if it was because the party actually was that way. 

In year's past I have tried to make the difficult balance of spending time at his and hers. But this year it seemed more like ours. Trevor was with me this New Years. He was with me and my family having a good time as if we were all one group. And it really felt like we were. My family enjoys him, and even gave him a nickname-- you can now call him "Trev-dog."

After the great family Christmas that Trevor and I had together, with his family, and then with my family, it just seemed right that he would fit right in no matter where we go or what we do. This was part of the reason that our New Year's Eve Party was such a blast. I just got to relax with some of my greatest family friends, spend time with family, and know that Trevor would be there doing his thing and fitting right in like one of the gang. I didn't have to worry about going from house to house or joining parties elsewhere--this year, I got to spend my New Year's with family, friends, and my boyfriend. 

The night started off simple horderves and the card game Phase 10. This is one of my favorite games, but unfortunately, Karrie and my mom came out the true winners. We ate more food, I munched on baked beans with chips and some amazing salsa/cheese dip. Then we played more games. This was the standard routine for the night. Each game consisted of a little bit more alcohol--alcohol that was made so perfectly by a family friend named Jim. Thank you Jim!!!  We had Rum Runners, followed by more Rum Runners, shots of Fireball, and some Sex on the Beach (shots of course).

It all came to forission when the ball dropped, and I got my kiss into the New Year. 2017 started with a smooch from Trevor, and I can't wait for many more years to come with this more amazing man. The night ended around 2am when every started getting maybe a tad too drunk and a lot too sleepy. We all headed off to beds/couches/floors or whatever comfy surface we could find before falling asleep.

I am excited for this year, check out my goals for 2017 posts here.