Becoming the person I want to be

I talk about change a lot on my blog. Change is good, especially when it is positive. But any sort of change in all shapes and sizes has ultimately shaped you and me into this thing that we are today. Lately, I've been thinking about this thing that is me, and for the first time (probably ever) I finally feel like I am confidently representing the me I am meant to be.

I'm going to be discovering myself a lot in these coming years. This age seems to be prime time for an individual to begin creating themselves and figuring their shit out, so that's what I've been doing lately. Especially in these last two years, these final years of my college career, I have learned to live alone, pay the bills, connect with another human being on a deep level, be polite when I don't want to be, hold myself accountable, but most importantly, I think I have finally learned to love the person I am.

Becoming the person that I want to be took a long time. Actually, figuring out who that person was that I wanted to be was the real struggle. But along the way, I have realized that no matter where I am in this self-discovery journey, I need to make sure that I am loving myself, my habits, and my actions 100% of the time!

Here's who I am now:

I am a scholar who will always want to learn more. 

I like dressing nice, looking natural, and showing off some leg. But, I also like getting dirty, going hiking, and laying in the grass on a sunny day.

I am a creator. I am a blogger. I am a passionate person, which means I put my heart and soul into whatever I am doing. I love making websites, and showing others that creating their own online space can be really easy, too!

I am a vegetarian because I believe that humanity is intelligent enough now to make decisions that can sustain their own life without taking life from others that can think, feel, and share the world with us.

I like watching movies in the theaters, reading books when I'm in the mood, and diving into the world of others through vlogs on YouTube.

I like documenting things whether that be in a blog post, on a scrap sheet of paper, in a formal journal, or in a video clip that I post on the internet. Memories are important to me because, I love the idea of looking back and laughing, crying, smiling, and remembering who I was.

I am goofy when I feel comfortable with the people I am surrounded by. I especially like being goofy by sticking my tongue out, making silly faces, talking like a baby, doing weird dances, and making really lame jokes. 

I like teaching people new things. Whether that be how to master the encrypted language of Excel, how to work your smart phone, or what content you should post to a blog, I get so much enjoyment out of seeing others discover something new.

I am Danyell Bailey. A devoted girlfriend, a sister, a hard worker, a techy, a daughter who doesn't come home enough, a millennial, a confident woman, a blogger who strives to write amazing stories.

So, who is the person I want to be?

Loving myself in its current form is what is most important to me, but every day I am still striving to expand my good qualities and create new habits that will make me a better me.

The person that I want to be is more fit and athletic. She takes better care of her body by relaxing in a bath every once in awhile and practicing yoga on a daily basis. The person that I want to be also reads more books and watches less NCIS. She drinks more water, talks with her family more often, and saves her money rather than spend it.

Sometimes I cringe when I think of the person that I used to be. I say, "Oh man, look how much that person doesn't seem like me anymore." But, this journey of change and the metamorphosis from that human being to this one I am today has made my life brighter, bolder, and even more glorious than I could have ever imagined.