A new vlogging camera

Last week I talked about how we started creating weekly vlogs in order to document our lives. Well this week we are taking it to the next level. Instead of creating videos using our iPhones, Skylar and I have purchased the Olympus TG-870! A tough camera built to be dropped, taken underwater, thrown in the sand, and survive whatever craziness that our life throws in its way.

Watch the video linked below for an overview of our past week! There's only two more week's until we move to Kansas City. Are we ready?

We did a lot of fun things this week, and I really like how Sky and I are opening up to the camera. We are embracing this weekly vlog thing and are really starting to love it. It truly is a blast documenting fun things that happen in our daily lives. Would you ever consider creating vlogs for your friends or family? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment!! Your feedback is appreciated.

Here's a little run-down of this past week:


I didn't do much this day. Actually, if you watch the vlog you can see that I had a realization of how lazy I was being. I'm okay with that though! I deserve a little break before I dive right into a full-time job. 


"The plan for today is to make a plan for tomorrow." -Danyell

This is my attempt at becoming less lazy. Adulting is hard and I always have lots to do, so I wanted to make a routine in order to get me out of this lazy rut. So, to kick things off I went grocery shopping, and then Skylar and I created a meal plan!


Most of this day was spent in the office at work. I got a lot done, including: making all of the food for the day, attending a meeting about YouTube, working on Social Media stuff, and assisting an online webinar. Whew.


I've been dreading doing this...but I finally put the laundry away! All three baskets!!! If you haven't seen my Capsule Wardrobe post about my brand new wardrobe then check it out here.

Also, this is the day that we got our new vlogging camera! We wanted something that shot good quality videos, but would also last if we threw it around, treated it rough, and took it around with us 24/7. We will do a full review blog post in a couple of weeks.


Since it finally stopped raining we decided to take a trip to the big dog park. The dogs really loved it, and we loved that we could take our durable camera out and about without worrying about it at all.


And finally, Skylar went to the Zoo with his family and watched a movie in Indianapolis. They wanted to spend some family time together before we make our big move to Kansas City. He had a blast and there is some really cool footage in our vlog of some of the "amnimals!"

We are really stoked to be doing this weekly vlogging thing. So far, it has been super fun for us, but ultimately, we hope that you are enjoying watching these videos, too! Let us know what you thought of this week's video by leaving us a comment below.

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