Tea Time No. 011

This was a very fun and productive week for me. I probably drank too much caffeine, am on the verge of a wicked migraine, and should probably try to calm down, but I just love it when I get a productivity high like I did this week.

Its almost worth the migraine (I say that now, but I wont be saying that when I'm crippled in bed.


I used to work the admin role at IT Training for a few months until I handed the task over to another coworker. She was on vacation this week, and since I am already trained, they had me cover the phone and email all week. Its not a hard job--but I was thankful for the extra hours and the chance to be admin again (which I love).


For one of my classes, we are doing a presentation about a mock business we want to create. I was tasked with coming up with the logo and digital concept, which is what I really love to do, so it was a blast to be a little creative. We present next Tuesday!! I'll share my design process in a blog post like this one in a few weeks.


I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before on my blog--but as a graduating Informatics major, we are required to complete a capstone project (maybe I should make this it's own blog post, what do you think?). Anyways, we are creating a responsive web application that's basically a social media network for musicians in the Bloomington area.

We are using Scrum to manage our project and since I am the team leader I have had the opportunity to really learn some great organization, management, and leadership skills. This week I really refined our schedule and task list since we are getting into the coding and building portion of the project. You can see our Gantt chart below.


S has been playing Pathfinder for awhile now, and he has suckered me in. I actually really enjoy it. I play a Varisian Witch who has an amazing backstory (I think I'll have to share it online sometime). We started running a home-brew game with a few of our friends through Roll20. We do that every Thursday now, and it has been a blast!! I miss my friends a lot.


Remember last week, how we had S's family over.... well, we have more company this weekend. A friend of ours who is living in Chicago has drove down with his girl to spend the weekend with us. This should be fun!!

P.S. I didn't really post much on Instagram this week, but you should still follow me :D Oh, and feel free to check out my other Tea Time posts here!