Tea Time No. 010

This was a super stressful week for me. Or at least the beginning of the week was. Then S's family showed up for an extended weekend visit that made everything better. I'm so glad that I get to share this journey with all of you on my blog, because life is full of ups and downs, and nothing is ever perfect.


I don't know how this could be the busiest day of my week when I technically only have one class--it doesn't make sense. But, I knew that I needed to prep for the rest of the week because I wouldn't have time to handle things then.

These pictures are actually quite old, last week I took time off and didn't post a Tea Time, so these are from then.


And then this day was the mother of all days to get things done. I had a meeting with my IT Presentations group for a speech we were giving in class this evening, I had to finish all of my art projects for my online class by 7pm, and most especially, I had to clock in and keystroke a new workshop for errors.

This is also my busiest day in terms of classes, so I was working in overdrive trying to get all of these things done during my short breaks between classes. Good thing I had a few hours to knock out the keystroking work though.


My last day before I can calm down. Yoga in the morning got me all stretched out, relaxed, and totally ready to tackle my to do list. I also taught an Excel workshop online this evening and it went really great--it was a funny group and they made me laugh a lot. Enjoying your work is so important, and I'm thankful that I have a good job.


All I can think about is how excited I was all day to have S's family in town. We cleaned the house in preparation (like really deep cleaned it), and it felt so great to finally have the whole place spotless. When they finally did get here we talked and caught up and made our plans for the rest of the week.


The weekend was amazing! We watched movies, played board games, and went out to the bars. Family is always a great happiness in my life, and spending lots of time with people I don't see nearly enough was much needed after I had such a stressful beginning of my week.

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