Meet Bhumit | Blogger Series

There are people blogging all over the world, there are people literally blogging about everything, and there are people blogging as a business. Our guest today, Bhumit, is a hard working blogger who actually writes about multiple different countries to three different sites all about different topics!! Talk about a well rounded blogger.

Meet Bhumit!

First off, tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog.

I, Bhumit, am currently running he Two Owls studi which is a renowned company for website and application development, animations, graphics, 3 D designs, SEO and Social Media Marketing. Electrical Engineer by education; Blogger, Web developer and Entrepreneur by profession. I fortune more than 50 clients who are extremely satisfied with my services, and I am also privileged by 100s of editorial contributions on my personal blogs.

What blogs do you have?

This is an Insurance Blog which targets the citizens of United States, United Kingdom and Canada. This blog is making way in a very competitive sector. This is a High quality PR3 Blog. It contains articles by industrial professionals, as well, which can guide you a lot in the Insurance sector. I regularly solve peoples' concerns about the insurance industry through this blog. This is my favorite blog out of all.

This shows the fashion industry of the European countries. This is a high quality PR4 Blog. It contains articles from fashion experts and it will develop your sense of fashion in a new and intriguing way even if you have a good sense of fashion.

It was popular PR6 blog featuring r news, events, and articles on r, interiors, and guides/tips for artists. But now I’m changing this blog to cater its services to various fields of media, entertainment and post production. I’m converting from blog to a product--and, as may you kno, if you want real success and a real business online you need to step into the products.

What inspired you to start blogging originally?

I had the passion to use and learn computer stuff. I started from paid to surf, PTC, MLM, data entry, and so on… and got scammed. Didn’t have the money and credit card to go with, so started saving the pocket money to buy the stuff, and almost 99% turned out as scam. Then I have come across blogger platform and started sharing about all these scams I went through. So, basically inspiration was to save newbies from falling for these traps and taking revenge to these fraudulent companies.

How did you get where you are?

It was a very hard and full of failure journey, but I never lost hope; I knew that one day I would get success, and I’m still on my way to success. Personally, I am a hard worker, and I’m never disturbed by anything that becomes the hurdle in my success. I am trustworthy and people trust me because of my honesty. I deal with more than a dozen clients on a monthly basis. I help businesses to succeed and put in my best to develop new strategies and advertisements for a business. I love making new professional acquaintances. I believe in long term clients, and I can successfully take this professional relationship for the lifetime. I believe in quality rather than quantity.

What do you hope to achieve with your blog?

I want my all blogs to be "Google Stars" of that niche. I want to start accepting free guest blogging so that I can have more content on my site. I also have plans to launch some product for every blog so that I can have long term business through my blog.

How has blogging changed your life?

Blogging has empowered me to meet some stunning individual. ll because of blogging I have become acquainted with numerous things. It has expanded my insight level. I would say one thing from my experience--if you wish to connect with like minded people’s then start a blog all about that stuff.

As always, I want to give a BIG thank you to Bhumit for blogging here today! If you're interested in getting help starting a blog, then please feel free to contact me.

I hope you all can take a look at Bhumit's many blogs and find some posts that are of interest to you. Please don't forget to check him out and let him know that you found him via Danyell Bailey's Blog--I'm sure he'd love that!

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