Meet Anna | Blogger Series

People from all over the world use blogging as a creative outlet. People use blogging to express themselves. And people use blogging to grow and get better at their trade. Our guest today has learned how to use her blog to expand her make-up portfolio and reaches many followers on a regular basis!

Meet Anna!

First off, tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog.

I'm a 27 years old beauty enthusiast who has been captured by the diversity of scents, textures, colors of the beauty industry from an early age. My obsession with makeup started at age 2 when I managed to "steal" a colored lip balm from my mom's handbag and I used it to paint my whole face "rose red." As I grew up, I found out that I really enjoy writing and I have more to tell about beauty that my friends would be interested in, so I decided to mix up the two things I'm really enjoying and jumped into the blogosphere. I started blogging in 2011 with a site in Hungarian language, but when I moved to Dubai a year later I felt I should turn to a wider audience so I created a new site-- The Sparkling Blueberry in English.

My blog's focus is on healthy beauty, which means that through that I'm trying to offer better skincare/makeup options to my readers. A healthier approach to personal care means that you think before you make a purchase and decide if it really fits to your preferences. It doesn't matter that some ladies are preferring luxurious makeup products, some are looking for cruelty free and/or completely natural, or some are trying to stick to a budget; all that matters is that they are all aware of their choices.

The Sparkling Blueberry is famous of it's honest reviews, and easy step-by-step tutorials; I believe that this and the friendly tone I use is the reason why my followers have been with me since the beginning.

How did you get where you are?

Whoever thinks blogging is easy--or that it can be just a "hobby"--is wrong. However, I started blogging to express myself, it soon turned out to be a true passion of mine. And once you are passionate about something, you just can't stop. Hours of research, hours of writing, learning how to take better pictures, even learning some basic programming to create a surface that keeps on getting better. And I'm not stopping! I try to evolve with every post I publish. I've got a lot of emails and social media messages, mostly with positive feedback, but sometimes also with critique that opens up my eyes, and it's all so helpful, so inspiring, and so helpful in the process of improving my work. I also feel lucky because after less than a half year of blogging some of my dream brands were already approaching me for collaborations, and after we worked together, their feedbacks was always positive. My motto is: Hard work is my hobby. I think thats what can take anyone forward.

What do you hope to achieve with your blog?

I'd love to help ladies to have a better understanding of the world of beauty and makeup. I want to be a--kind of--source for beauty education, a place where they can turn for advice without feeling ashamed or "untrendy." My goal is not to grow and reach millions (once you're there I think you lose the real connection with your readers/followers); I'd prefer to stay a reliable source and a friendly guide in the labyrinth of beauty. I work as a makeup artist, so my blog is a part of my portfolio that helps me reach my customers easier. If my following acknowledges me as an experienced beauty professional, then it's more than what I can ever ask for.

How has blogging changed your life?

It definitely opened up new doors, both career-wise and personality-wise. I've got to met and work with brands I thought were untouchables before (SEPHORA, L'Oreal and other beauty giants), and I've been to places that I never imagined I'd ever be. I've got so much positivity from all over the world thanks to my fabulous readers. Blogging made me more persistent and less introverted, it taught me that a negative opinion should be taken as an advantage rather than a set back. I think blogging in general made my life fuller. I really love what I'm doing, and as long as it keeps me happy, I won't stop!

As always, I want to give a BIG thank you to Anna for blogging here today! If you're interested in starting a beauty blog that inspires all like Anna has, please feel free to contact me.

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