23 Reasons Everyone Should Start a Blog

Recently, you've been hearing me preach over and over again about how blogging changed my life. But this is something that is so important to me, so I feel like I need to constantly bring it up. And the best part is--that I think a blog could really impact your life, too! I could spend endless hours trying to convince you that you need to start a blog. Here's a few of my favorite reasons.

First off, I want you to get rid of all of your previous thoughts and stigmas about what it takes to be a blogger, the "type" of people that blog, and anything else that might be steering you away from going down this path. Blogging is whatever you make of it!!

Why I started a blog.

I started my blog back in 2013 (actually, my first blog was in 2012, but I'm not sure if I even wrote more than 3 posts, so that doesn't really count). My main reason for starting it was to keep my friends and family updated. I had just decided to spend my first college summer in between my freshman and sophomore years living with my boyfriend three hours away from home. Yeah, I know, it was a bold move. My family was very supportive and never held me back.

Anyways, as much of a fun time I was having at college, as much as I was looking forward to a "vacation" away from home, I still knew I was going to miss the friends and family that I usually got to see over the summer on a regular basis. So, I started my blog. You can still read my first ever post on my blog here.

Over the course of the next few years my blog transitioned from a journal, to a place where I was just trying to get famous, to a geek's playground, to an entirely new learning experience, and it eventually ended up where it is now. So, as you can see, my blogging journey was in no way a linear one. I started blogging because I wanted a place to connect with others, and no matter how it transitioned, that has been my goal all along.

You can read more about my blogging journey here!

How a blog can change your life.

My blog changed my life because it introduced me into this whole new digital world that I am now making a career out of. I changed my major and essentially changed my path in life all because of this here blog.

The same thing can happen for you! Maybe it won't be as drastic, or maybe it will be. Maybe you'll just meet some really awesome new people and find a love for a new hobby, or maybe you will start making an impression and making some money and be able to quit your job! There are lots of bloggers out there who will tell you over and over again about how their blogs impacted their lives. Check out my blogger series to hear the opinions of other bloggers.

What makes a blog so special.

A blog is only as special as you make it. But, a blog can be so much. It can be your place you go when you're happy, or it can be the place you go when you're sad. A lot of people have inspirational and motivation lifestyle blogs that allow them to document their life in the simplest of ways (but by far the coolest!). There are food blogs and movie blogs, mom blogs and blogging blogs, blogs about crafting and blogs about video games...the list goes on and on.

All of these blogs are special in their own way because of the love and time that each of their writers put into them. I think that my blog is special because it is my place to write my heart out about literally anything I want. It is special to me because it shows how much I am learning every single year, and because it documents my life in a way that I never knew I could.

23 Reasons to Start a Blog

to develop valuable skills

to establish authority within your niche

to become part of a team

to document your life

to improve yourself

to make money

to blog for others

to keep yourself accountable

to have something to show potential employers

to meet amazing people

to create networking connections

to gain organizational skills

to keep track of your thoughts

to become a master at something

to keep track of personal causes and charities

to create a brand for yourself

to improve your personal SEO

to have fun

to teach people a new skill

to keep long distance relationships alive

to grow all the time

to learn something new

to make a change in your life