How to Make Your Business Stand Out on Social Media

Using social media as a business and using it as a personal user is not very different! No matter what platform you are using, whether it be Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or anything else, the things that a business needs to do to stand out are very similar to the things a personal user will need to do in order to stand out.

If you take a look at my Twitter account you will see that I use it mostly for personal tweets, posting motivational updates, and sharing funny images that I find. By taking a look at any of the other accounts that I manage for businesses and blogs you will see that the method of tweeting is similar (but not exact). This is true for all social media platforms.

A business needs to be personable and relatable and trustworthy while posting on social media, but they are also marketing something. As a personal user, are you marketing anything? Not really, but without even realizing it, you may be looking for businesses to market to you. Here's another question, as a personal user have you ever tagged or communicated directly with a business? By talking with a business on a social network like Twitter, you are marketing for that business. This is a business's dream!

A business needs to fit in enough to create a social relationship, but stand out enough to make their product shine. When a customer tags them or communicates with them on social media they are showing all of their personal followers that this company is someone worth talking to. A business' goal for all social networks is engagement. Getting a customer to engage with them in a positive manner, to appreciate the things that they are posting, and to share and communicate the wonderful things that this company has to say with all of their personal followers, too.

Positive communication with personal users and a large engagement rate is the key to making your business stand out on social media. Getting users to interact with you, share your information, and talk about your company in a positive manner is the perfect way to spread your word.