Book Review: Zoo

I'm no literary expert. I read just to be occupied, to say that I've read something, and to keep growing and enriching my vocabulary. Reading is simply a hobby of mine. But whenever I read a book that I really enjoyed, or that I think others would enjoy, I want to share it.

If you haven't noticed already, I changed the categories on my blog (see sidebar). I'll still be writing some of the same things. I just wanted a better way to organize my content on my blog. However, a few new categories might stick out to you--one of which is literature.

I've recently started reading a lot. I've always loved to read, to escape into some fantastical world, or become part of a century that no longer exists. I recently became a Barnes & Noble member and am using it to my fullest extent. I've already purchased so many books and can't wait to grow my own personal library here at home. Along with book reviews and reading tips, my new literature category will also include some content about writing and journaling which are other hobbies of mine.

If you have any book suggestions or blog post ideas that you would like to share with me in regards to my new category, please comment them below. I love to hear what you readers have to say and really respect and welcome your opinions and suggestions.

Anyways... let's get to this review!!

Like I said early, I am not an expert on books, philosophy, writing, or reading in general at all. I do everything simply because I enjoy it and it entertains me. That being said, I've heard a lot of terrible things about this book. If you look online for different reviews, you will find mostly bad scores, people completely hating on it, and other saying that this is the worst book that they have ever read.

I enjoyed it just as much as I was expecting to. James Patterson--everyone knows that name. He is the author of this book and about a trillion more. How much literary expertise do you expect from someone who comes out with about 10 new books every year? These type of books are often categorized as fluffy, beach reads. They are the type of book that you would pick up on your way out of the airport or see at Walmart near the magazines. That is exactly what I expected of this book, and it did a fabulous job of keeping me occupied for a week.

I was interested in reading this book because I watched a few episode of the related CBS television show. The show intrigued me, so before I went any further into it, I wanted to read the book. While the book and the show have a similar theme and idea, they are nothing alike. Even the main characters are different people. So, if you're worried about watching the show before you read the book, don't fret.

The plot line of this book is simply this: animals are turning against humans and the main character, a scientist, wants to figure out why and how to stop it. It is a very interesting concept that could have went further, but as simple books do, this one lacked any further thought provoking message. It was basically and quick read with a decent enough story line. The chapters were super short (I mean super super short--like 5 pages tops), and it kept me flipping the pages every 30 seconds.

There a few complaints that I have about this book that a lot of other people seem to share with me. First off, it was written by a man in the perspective of a man--thus, it brought about some interesting views that were a little unrealistic. As you read through this book you could tell you were living in a man's world--one without emotions, one with manly men who survived anything, and one where women stayed home and took care of the kids no matter what was at stake. There were times when events happened (deaths, shocks, and surprises) that no matter your gender, you would have been hit by a depression for at least a few days, and yet, the main character moved on like nothing happened.

There is so much more that I could talk about from this book. It really got my mind going but didn't have any sort of satisfying ending that made me feel good again. So, I'd love to talk about what happened, but don't want to ruin anything for anyone who has not read it. If you've read this book and would love to start a conversation with me. Let me know in the comment section below or shoot me a message on Twitter!