The Yin and the Yang within a Home

The yin and yang theory is all about balance within the extremes. Finding the right balance can be a struggle when you don’t know where to begin. Today I've invited my friend, Kathryn to talk about the balance within a home that you need to achieve in order to create the perfect space. Are you Yin or Yang?

Learning more about this feng shui theory can help you be more productive; therefore more successful.

Feng shui is all about the energy: things you can see and things you can’t see. It is all about finding the balance. Notice the tai chi symbol attached: its extreme black and white tadpoles are wrapped around each other. The black tadpole (yin) is not completely black as it will always contain a piece of light (yang), and vice-versa.

Yin-energy is soft, feminine and quiet. Think of a grandma’s house. There is not much action going on and she probably stays home most of the day. Nesting is important. Her home could be decorated with heavy drapes and carpets, table clothes, blankets on the couch, and knick knacks on the shelves; collections from years of gifts and sentimental purchases. Senior citizens tend to slow down their lives and their homes reflect that energy.

All bedrooms should be yin-energy because we need to rest properly each night, but we won’t lead productive lives if we are living with severe low yin-energy.

On the other extreme, we have yang. Yang-energy is fast moving, loud, physical and masculine. Think of your favorite night club; there are a lot of people, high testosterone levels, loud talking, laughing and music! ‘Party-Central’ does not contribute to a healthy home or a productive office, as you would probably not get anything done! Save extreme yang-energy level for celebrations, physical fitness or even motivational speeches and sales talks. -Whenever you need to shine!

You can learn to manipulate certain areas, and get them working for you!

How do you figure out how to balance an area? Let’s start with logic and a little detective work. If you need more yin-energy in the bedroom or quiet work spaces, use yin items. These ideas can help slow down the energy flow:

  • Textiles and fabrics appear ‘warmer and heavier’. Place an area rug under your desk; place a blotter under your computer and a chair pad to soften a cold chair.
  • Put up a road block. Fast energy comes rushing in one door and out the next; you can’t see it, but it is there. Don’t ever block a door, but you can place a plant or a hall table between your door and another door.
  • Use natural lighting. Harsh florescent lighting can not only give you a headache, but it isn’t very versatile. Task lighting can be placed to reduce glare on your computer and augment natural lighting when required.
  • Bring in a real or silk plant. Plants can bring a little life to your desk. Choosing a small, soft leaf plant will bring calmness to your work area. Great choices are orchids, peace lily and jade plants.
  • Choose images wisely. Softer colors and softer prints will set a quieter mood rather than displaying super heroes.

If you need a little more yang-energy in your world, experiment with yang items:

  • Hard surfaces. Clean and clear is the best way to move energy along. No collections or knick knacks; only a few choice items. Reduce heavy materials, rugs, pillows and fluff.
  • Glass or Shiny items. Office areas with a lot of exposed windows, mirrors and table tops support yang energy. Brighter lighting can stimulate the body to be more active and more creative.
  • No clutter. Think of a sterile environment, no road blocks, dirty laundry bags, garbage or shoe clutter allowed.
  • Sharp pointed plants. If you’d like to have a plant, choose a taller one with a sharp shape to the leaves. These types of plants are more dramatic for a high energy area and unleash those creative juices.
  • Choose images for the walls that reflect your goals in life: travel destinations, hobbies and other rewards.

You have the power to access what YOU need in YOUR space, so get that space working for you.

You may get an impulse to change everything in your space today, but please take the time to review what you actually need. Yin and yang is only one theory to help you find balance and harmony in your space. You should also consider seasonal changes in your routine and allow yourself to grow. When you find that balance, you’ll find a fuller, happier and more productive life.

Start small. Often, the smallest adjustment can bring the most amazing opportunities!

All the best,

Kathryn of Kathryn Wilking Designs is a Professional Member of the IFSG (International Feng Shui Guild) Author, Stager and Feng Shui Consultant. Her recent book; Practical Feng Shui for the Office, is available in e-book and paperback. Get a sneak peek on her site: Do you have a question for Kathryn? Ask Kathryn: