My Apartment Style Guide

Decorating an apartment can be difficult. Sometimes you have to abide by so many rules, like, don't nail things to the wall, don't paint anything, etc. Luckily, I am living in a place that is very lenient and allows me to make some minor changes to the space that we live in. When I found out that I had the opportunity to make some changes and really decorate the place how I wanted, I began creating a style guide.

If you don't know what a style guide is--it's basically a document (or sometimes a few documents) that houses inspiration and minor plans for a space. There are style guides for rooms, websites, outfits, and much more.

When I started creating my style guide I had a very vague idea of how I wanted each room to look. I had scoured the internet, aka Pinterest, for all of the fabulous ideas that I could. I learned a lot about creating warmth and coldness in a room, the need for angles and contrast, and most importantly, I began realizing what kind of style appealed to me.

I decided that I really liked clean, modern, and a little bit cold decor. I wanted something that looked really chic and totally new. This was my inspiration, but it became a challenge when I knew I had to work around ugly carpet.

Brown or tan carpet can be nice for warm houses, but mine just didn't fit. So, I pulled up Photoshop and started making a design. I took images off the internet, and started piecing things together in order to create a vision of how I wanted my space to be.

This is how my style guide got started. And now I take it with me whenever I go shopping. I want to remember what pieces I'm looking for, and really stick to the plan so I can give my apartment the feel that I originally desired.

I had a blast creating my style guide. I love working with Photoshop, and took my time getting everything just right. If you need any help, or would like some inspiration for how you should decorate your next space, please feel free to follow me on Pinterest or shoot me a tweet!