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Bloomington is by no means a terrible or scary place to be. It's full of wonderful buildings and too many gorgeous trees. But, everyone should always know how to play it safe and understand what to do in a situation if it goes south. Statistically speaking, 1 out of every 5 women will be sexually assaulted on their campus every year. That's a really scary number to think about. Today I want to talk to you about the Do's and Don'ts to keep you safe on campus.

Do: Always know where you are. IU is a big and winding campus. It's set up beautifully in a way that looks like a park; but often times, if you aren't 100% sure of the campus it can be pretty easy to get lost. Before you head out always know where you are going--bring a map if you aren't absolutely sure and always have your phone charged and in hand in case of an emergency. If there is ever a time that you are lost, scared, or just want a safe and comfortable ride home, contact the IU Safety Escort. This is a service that you have already paid for with your transportation fees, so definitely take advantage of it!

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Do: Travel with a friend. Whenever you have the opportunity, go places with someone that you know. What I like to do is check to see if my friends want to come along--if I'm going to the library, maybe they want to come to! Traveling together makes you less of a target and keeps both you and your friend safe! If there is a time when you don't have anyone to walk with take a bus, call a taxi, or walk on well populated and busy streets.

Don't: Be careless. The simplest thing I can ever tell you about being safe on campus is to use common sense. By no means was my intention of the article to scare you, yet these situations happen and everyone needs to be prepared. Always know your surrounds, stay with someone you know, and use you head when out and about on campus. These do's and don'ts can be applied to life anywhere in the world--the only thing you need to remember is don't be careless.

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