Why I've been loving Snapchat

Hey critters!

Life is hard--college is a struggle--and work takes a lot of energy. Blogging is definitely on the back burner for me if you can't tell! I love writing, but since I feel like I'm talking to an empty crowd I don't feel the need to get on here and post like I used to. My blog means so much to me! And I could probably never abandon it completely. I just hope that the few of you who do read this can understand.

Since I don't necessarily have to time that I'd like to devote to making post, creating videos, and just putting out amazing content, I have been really drawn to using the SnapChat app and posting tons to my Snap-story. If you already follow me you'll have seen that I have been pretty into it just in the past couple of days. Posting a diary like slideshow of everything I do in my day is kind of fun! I fill you in on what's going on in my life and slide the time stamp over the image so you can watch my day click away.

If you don't already follow me you definitely should! I can keep you up to date really easily that way--plus, we can snap each other and be social on a whole new platform! It's loads of fun!

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