My birthday list

Copied from my old blog:

Hey critters!

Did you know my birthday is in like 22 days?! On June 2nd I will be a whopping 20 years old. Good bye teenager :)

To get myself even more excited I made a bit of a list. I wish for things all of the time, but here are some of my current favorite items that I would love to call mine.

My Birthday Wish List

Jot Script
This is a top notch stylus. Because my iPad is my everything (a notebook, a planner, an entertainment system), it would only be fitting to get it the best treatment in return. This stylus is perfect for our needs!

Running Shorts
Sky and I made a promise to run more this summer, and I am actually really excited. We are getting into our summer routines already!! Some new shorts would really motivate, I do actually need some.

Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil (in Milk)
I have been eyeballing this product forever. From all the youtube videos I've watched with it, I can tell this is definitely going to be something I'd use! It's perfect for my waterline and perfect as a, it's really cheap!!

Canon Rebel T3i
While I understand this is a bit pricey--a girl can dream though, right?! My boyfriend got me a new camera for Christmas that I love toting around with me. But for those special memories, I'd love to have this huge beauty!

Starbucks Gift Card
Starbucks is a terrible habit...but, I'm hooked; it's so good I can't help it. Having a gift card to help out with my coffee addiction would be very much appreciated.

My mom and I already have a special event planned for my birthday that I am mega pumped for, so don't worry, I'll fill you all in on that when the time comes.

Anyways, birthday's are about celebrating, but gifts are never necessary for me. These wants I listed below are just that, wants. And they are nothing that I need.

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I love you all! Peace OUT