5 Places to Study (besides the library!) [As Seen On: We Are IU]

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Hello again critters!

I'm finally back from a long couple of weeks spent studying (aka cramming) and taking horrendous tests. I really appreciate all of you supporting me through my college journey and respecting my time away from the blog.

Before my study break session began I wrote an article for my school's blog, WeAreIU.com, which was published later that week. Check it out and enjoy!!

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I love you all! Peace OUT

Hey Hoosiers!

As finals approach more people are studying than ever before. Oops, I mean, No.. I'm not cramming for these finals.

Okay, okay, we all are doing it. But, now the library is packed, and no matter how many times you shush the dorms are still too loud!! So where else is there to go on campus?

Luckily, we have one of the most beautiful campuses in America with lots of grassy and shaded areas, plus tons of beautiful building with nice desks and tables to sit and do those readings we should have done weeks ago.

1. Your laundry room.

The soothing noise of the clothes spinning can really get me in the vibe to study and focus. Plus, rarely anyone is wanting to hang out in the basement, so hey, you'll have the whole place to yourself.

2. The informatics building.

Of course, this building isn't open all hours of the day. However, you should still consider it as a viable option. They have wonderful couches with bar tables and stools set up along the walls. All of this is just around the corner to the left.

3. The language learning lab in Ballentine.

Did you know there was another lab in Ballentine? I didn't until a couple weeks ago. No more waiting in line at the packed one on the first floor :) Hardly anyone is ever in the other labs!!

4. The arboretum.

Uh, duh! Just duh. If it's a nice day lay out in the sun and enjoy it!

5. Forest's Tree House computer lab.

This dorm's new revamp left them with some awesome rooms upstairs in what they call the Tree House! Check it out and find the computer lab because I know you will make this your new hang out area. And hey, they have a pool table for when you need to take a break from all that studying.
            P.S. To read more about Forest check out this post!

Good luck on your finals!