Being myself

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Hey critters!


Yesterday I had a career fair. It was the first one I have ever attending because I just switched majors to Informatics. It was so stressful and fun and gave me a great look into what to expect when applying for big girl jobs after I graduate.

Anyways, before I walked into the giant convention center that would be packed with employers and different companies looking to hire, I stated how I was going to introduce myself to everyone over and over again. I wanted to seem super professional and cool so I practiced exactly what I was going to say. But, when I walked into that building everything had escaped me. I didn't know how to do anything but smile and walk.

At that frozen moment I realized, there's no one else I needed to be today except myself. Of course employers are going to want to see that I can carry myself well and talk great; however, the key to this whole career fair thing was being myself. I smiled at every person, told them about what I can do and what I am interested in doing, and reiterated that life was about learning and that's what I was going to accomplish no matter what.

I feel great about that experience that I had yesterday. I got to meet with a lot of outstanding companies and people, and I think some of them even liked me too. Hopefully I can have the opportunity to work for one of them, but, no matter what, I have learned something new about the powers of being myself.

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