20 things that stress me out [Tuesday Twenty]

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Hello my critters!

As mentioned in my previous post, these past couple of weeks have brought about new challenges for me. Allowing me to get myself worked up and stressed over things that don't need to be fretted over sets me back and doesn't help me in accomplishing tasks that are stress worthy and important.

I have found that the best way to tackle my stress is by first figuring out what is causing it.

This week's Tuesday Twenty is a list of my personal stressors. I hope that some of you may be able to identify with a couple of these, while other items on my list may be unique to me. By identifying what is stressing me out I can target the stress and make a more successful day out of it.

Here's this week's Tuesday Twenty:

Twenty things that stress me out
  1. Papers to write that are longer than 4 pages.
  2. Not getting enough sleep.
  3. Unorganized professors.
  4. Having too many things due all in one day.
  5. When the internet is slow.
  6. Reading assignments.
  7. Budgeting money.
  8. When technology doesn't work the way I wanted it to.
  9. Deadlines.
  10. Having a messy room.
  11. YouTube.
  12. Not having enough food in the house.
  13. Getting a bad grade.
  14. When others are stressed.
  15. Expecting too much of someone or something.
  16. When DPS pull.
  17. Agreeing to do more than I can handle.
  18. Not taking adequate time to relax.
  19. When Zoey pees on the floor.
  20. Other people's opinions of me.

Can you relate to any of these? What are your best ways of coping with stress?

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