How we got Zoey

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Hey critters!

Over and over again you hear about SkyCzar and I's wonderful Jack Russell Terrier named Zoey. She has showed up numerous times in all sorts of different posts; however, I have not been able to give you all a full introduction about our little baby. Today, Sky and I want to tell you all about how we got Miss Zoey.

(SkyCzar, DanyZell)

Sky and I have always loved puppies. Before we had Zoey we were (basically) living together and had made it a habit to go to all of the pet stores at least once a week to play and dream as if they were all ours. We went to all the local puppy hotspots, as well as the Bloomington animal shelter. Altogether we probably spent an unhealthy amount of time handling more than a hundred little pups. While we often talked about getting a puppy, with the crazy prices being what they were, we were never more than half serious.

Not Zoey :(

After spending lots of time at each pet place, we came to the conclusion that we really needed to own one of our own. We visited all of them over and over again. Deciding that we truly wanted a young puppy that we could train and raise on our own led us to the sad realization that the animal shelter wasn't really an option. I mean, we love the idea of rescuing dogs, but having an older dog with pre-learned habits and dispositions as our first--we just weren't ready for that gamble. So while we kept the shelter in the back of our minds, we went back to loitering around the local puppy marts. One day in February, we stumbled across Delilah's (our first time visiting actually) and low and behold they actually sold puppies. In the first kennel of the puppies, with a price tag of 400 dollars, sat the cutest, little, scruffy flea-bag you ever did see. It was the first Jack Russell puppy I had ever encountered, and I was smitten.
I had had my eye set on some super girly and fluffy little dogs that would yip and walk around at my ankles, but when Sky fell in love with that sporty little Jack Russell I couldn't help but fall in love with her, too. We played with her once and our mind was set.

We always talked about how 'this was the one' and 'we are gonna have to get that puppy' but it hadn't ever been a serious statement until… the moment we left Deliliah's I looked at Danyell and said "I love her. We need to get her". Now, I like to think that I'm not a terribly impulsive individual. I would probably say I'm borderline…whatever the opposite of impulsive is. But when it comes to puppies, especially that spunky little JRT, I just can't resist. So, while I expected Danyell to play the voice of reason and talk me off my canine-crazy cliff, she instead spends the entire next day on the computer researching the best ways to take care of JRT's and how to train a new puppy. My soul mate, I tell ya.
After hours of studying, Sky and I kind of made a whim decision that if we really wanted this dog we would have to snatch her up fast. Puppies go quick in Bloomington because every college student is looking for that special friend to take home and snuggle. Thinking back to that moment, I know that we should have taken our time and spent a couple more days deciding if this was what we wanted to do. But, I don't regret our little Zoey one bit.

So the first thing we had to do was get back to that store. The next day, as soon as we were both available, we rushed on over to Delilah's to reunite with our day-lost, soon-to-be puppy. I can still remember how (at least to my puppy-crazed mind) she seemed to remember us when we got there. In minutes flat we had bought her,  her food, a leash, and several treats and were out the door. On the way home, we attempted to think up a name. After a little discussion (and a little Google searching) Danyell settled on Zoey; the Greek word for 'life'.
Zoey was such a ball of energy and so cute at the house. Instantly she began following me around our little apartment. Within days we had taught her how to fetch and trained her to walk on a leash. We had a big back yard and knew that now our lives were complete.

Zoey was one of the best things that happened in Sky and I's relationship. We have learned together how to be patient, how to handle unwanted situations, and how to unconditionally love someone else. Zoey is such a good girl with a personality all her own. She knows lots of tricks and can play for hours. I wouldn't know where I'd be with out my Zoey baby.

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I love you all! Peace OUT