How to curl your hair with a straightener

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Hey critters!

Some of you may already know... but, I absolutely love doing hair. Whenever I am home my sisters beg me everyday to do something super cute that they wouldn't normally do on their own. Lately, my sister Sara has been asking me to curl her hair, and using the straightener is the easiest way in my opinion.
Whether you want to do a little curl on the tips or make some beachy waves, this method can help you accomplish just that!

[Step 1- Brush your hair]
     > Just do it. OMG but be gentle now ladies. I know that there are a lot of girls that just rip that brush through their hair-- you don't even understand how much damage that is causing (it makes me scream).

[Step 2- Turn on the straightener]
     > You can use a low setting. I think that many of you think that in order to get the best curl, your straightener needs to be blazing! I put mine on the lowest setting and go with it; it works fine for me.

[Step 3- Curl them hairs]
     > Use a strand about as big as half of your thumb. Any bigger than that and you might have to go over it a couple times to get a good curl.
     > Put the straightener on the desired spot. Depending on whether you want the full strand curled or just the ends, that is wear you first clamp the straightener.
     > Twist and pull. Just twist the straightener about 45-90 degrees and pull down your hair slowly. As you reach the ends you can twist more... but then that's it!

It's that simple guys!

If my instructions were a little too confusing then check out the video I made! I hope it helps.

Let me know in the comment section below if this helped. I'd love to hear how this went for you, and of any suggestions you might have!!

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