I got contacts

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Good evening critters!

Yesterday afternoon, I had an appointment to get a fitting for contacts. It was a wonderful experience, and I loved the interaction that the "doctor" had with me. I put the word doctor in quotes because I know she is not yet a doctor--she is a graduate student.
I went to the eye care clinic on campus, and I really enjoyed my time there. I love giving students the opportunity to learn and become better doctors because it really makes me happy!

Anyways, I got contacts, and yesterday was day 1 of contact trial. Every day I can add 2 hours to the time that I am supposed to wear them, and yesterday I was allowed to keep the contacts in for 3-4 hours. So far, they are working out really great!
I have allergies, as well as astigmatism, so my contact selection was kind of difficult. However, and thankfully, we were able to decide upon a lens that worked for me. I also had to get a special peroxide solution to clean them extra good, as to not dry out my eyes any more than they already are (stupid fall allergies).

SOOOO, let's see how this works out :) Stay tuned!

Some InstaGram Pics @ the Eye Clinic

I got me some contacts in...

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