A Domain Name for Me?

Copied from my old blog:

Hey critters!

Sometimes I just have those days where I want to write nonstop.

Lately, I am just super happy with my blog. I love the way it looks, the things I'm writing, and the feedback that I am getting.
Anyways, I am always trying to come up with new and fun ideas of things to add.
Things like whether or not I should add in Pinterest hover buttons to all of my images... what do you think? (Pros: People can't steal my images, but rather only post them on Pinterest. Cons: Maybe no one will use it, and it's just look too tacky).
Another idea that I have been having [an idea that I believe is close in the future] is to buy my own domain name. I love the idea of having my own something.com. It just seems to look so much more professional without the blogspot thrown in there. I think that it makes my site look more serious and singular, rather than put together with some sort of template (which it's not--I have edited my blogger so much to make it one of a kind) that everyone has. The cost of a domain name can be both cheap and pricy depending on where you purchase it, and I haven't fully decided if I want that commitment. At the moment, the idea looks super plausible, and I feel confident that this is what I want to do; however, I would love your guys' feedback.
I want to know what you think of all the blog changes that I have made recently, as well as your input on the one's that I have mentioned above. Do you have any suggestions for me? What do you want to see?

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I love you all! Peace OUT