September Favorites

Copied from my old blog:

Good afternoon critters!

Better late than never right. Well, I just posted my favorite sites from September on the Favorites tab above!
My favorites tab is designated to talk about my favorite online things of the past month. Things like blogs, youtube channels, online stores, social media sites, etc.

This past month (September) I've been obsessed with finding more and more blogs and wonderful people to interact with. I've broken out of my shell and have began approaching other bloggers. I love letting them know that I love what they do!! And why shouldn't I? I know they work hard :)

So, my first favorite for this past month is-

Zoe is a blogger who posts about thoughts, fashion, and beauty. Her posts and videos are so personable. And she isn't afraid to be who she is. I love her sense of humor and her ability to keep my attention for hours. Please check out this wonderful blogger!

Next favorite of September-

Jen has been a link on my favorites tab since the beginning of my favorites tab :) I absolutely love her organization help, and I am so excited to be watching her site grow as she posts more about beauty and fashion! I've been a fan since she was just a youtuber, and now her website looks gorgeous! My most favorite video of her's is her filofax review.

And then there's-

I have just recently discovered this beautiful lady and her amazingly edgy style on her fashion blog this past month! I can spend too many hours staring at her pictures. I fantasize owning all of her clothes, and I look up to her style and confidence.

As always, I am still in love with-

As a blogger for We Are IU, my enjoyment of this site is a little biased. However, I am still so intrigued by the different posts that other students are publishing every day. With this site you can learn anything you want to know about Indiana University. Check out what I've posted recently!

And finally-

Danielle, or Panser as she is commonly referred to on the world wide web, is an amazing youtuber! She satisfies my nerdy needs and informs me of everything going on in the World of Warcraft... plus more! She is inspiringly determined, beautiful, unique, and intelligent. I can never not be entertained by her videos whether they are informative, funny, or simply a personal vlog. Check her out!!

All of these people, places, and organizations are my favorite online things for the past month! I can spend hours on the internet and this is what I spend my time doing--creeping on these site :) Please take a moment to check them all out. And also, comment on their latest updates to let them know they are linked in my favorites tab for the month!

What sites do you spend hours on? What are your favorite blogs that you think I should know about? You can let me know in the comment section below!

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I love you all! Peace OUT