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Hey critters!

Yesterday, I posted this tweet:
And today I just want to give a little explanation why.
I'm sure most of you are getting sick and tired of hearing this, but I am absolutely in love with being an informatics major. I've learned so much in this short time that I have been involved, and I can't wait to get to learn more.
Yesterday, I had a meeting with the Informatics and Computing Student Association (ICSA). I have had the wonderful privilege of being selected to be a director of the technology and communication team within the club. I am so thankful for the openness of this community of students for them to let me be a director as a first year informatics major. I know I can accomplish a lot within the club and become more involved throughout the school, community, and technology world.
On the way to the meeting I got super excited to get involved with ICSA and learn more about technology and computing. I am always wanting to learn more, and I never feel like I know enough.

Thanks to everyone who is supporting me on this journey! I appreciate you :)

Hey, and I always want to learn about you; whether I've known you for my whole life, a couple years, or even if we've never talked before, tell me about yourself! What are you passionate about? What do you strive to learn more of?
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