The Flash Clean (First Impressions & Review)

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Good evening critters!
I know it has been a very long time since I have posted something new; Sky and I had a very busy (well, maybe we were just pretty lazy) week.
Anyways, over the weekend I went to my local Target and picked up some of Maybelline's new product by Clean Express! It's called The Flash Clean, and it is supposedly going to take off your make-up, cleanse your skin, and also apply a moisturizer. I had a $1 off coupon, so I decided--what the heck--and went for it. Without the coupon, this product was listed as $4.99 which I suppose isn't too bad; however, the tube is pretty small (just a little smaller than the height of my hand).
In the video below, you can watch as I apply it and experience how well it really takes off make-up. I did sort of a mini review of what I saw with my first use.
The make-up that I had on was rather heavy because I had just got off work. I had a liquid eyeliner, mascara, some eyeshadow, foundation, and a bright red lip stain on. I noticed that this Flash Clean product removed my make-up very well; but, it left the residue on my face, so I needed to make sure to use a cotton round in order to pick up all of that slime it left on my face. When applied to my lips it mostly just smeared the color all around my mouth (you can see this happen in the video). I looked funny, but it wasn't really an issue since all I had to do was wipe it off again. So, all-in-all it removed all the make-up without too much hassle.
I don't usually use a moisturizer because my face is pretty oily. One thing that I did not like about this product was that it felt slimy. It was goopy when I put it on my eyes, strange feeling on my lips, and just really heavy on my whole face. Just imagine putting a lotion directly on your already make-up covered face. It made me feel a little unclean even though it is supposed to be a cleanser as well. After applying it I splashed some water on my face to remove a bit of the slimy feeling and then I didn't have any more issues.
To see me use it directly--see the video below!
Have you used this product? Let me know what your thoughts of it are, and, also, feel free to ask any questions!
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I love you all! Peace OUT

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