we sold our house


I’ve been having lots of different emotions these last couple of days. We sold our house—and I’m happy about it, but I’m also really sad about it. I’m happy because selling our house in a matter of two months is a really big accomplishment. We were able to make a teeny tiny bit of profit even though we’ve only been living there for a little over a year. And we were able to move our life to Indiana fully and finally start our adventure here. But I’m sad because I loved that house. I have tons of memories and life changing events that happened in that house. And I’m also scared for our future in Indiana a little bit.

On our way to Kansas City to close on the house!

All of these emotions I am feeling are valid. I know that it’s okay to be simultaneously happy and sad, but it’s kinda hard to feel all these things at once. I want to have my life all put together but I really don’t all the time. I think that that is most people—we want to make others think we’re put together, cool, grown adults; but really we’re loosing our shit every day, fumbling around about what to do, and really just trying to have fun.

I think one of the biggest reasons as to why I’m feeling sad about selling our house in Kansas City is because I feel like we are taking a step back in Indiana. Do you know what I mean? We owned a house in KC and now we rent a tiny little apartment—is that us taking a step back in life? I keep telling myself that I have to stop thinking that way. I have to remember that we took this step back so that we can take a giant leap forward, so that we can be with family, and so that we can have careers that will ultimately make us more happy than we ever were in KC.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy! This is actually supposed to be a celebratory blog post!! WE SOLD OUR HOUSE. That’s a big deal. I’m happy about it because now we can close our chapter in Kansas City and officially feel like we can start a brand new one in Indiana again. Our chapter in Indiana is going to be so exciting—I can’t wait to share it all with you.

Check out this vlog that we posted on our YouTube channel about the weekend we closed on our house. It shows some pretty raw emotion: sad and happy.

Also, these pictures below are from our dinner in Kansas City at Applebees—it was our little celebration dinner date for selling our house after we signed all the paperwork. I was really excited to be there in that moment, so I asked Trevor to take these pictures of me so I could remember.