goodbye 2018, hello 2019


January went so quick, and February is just flying by too. But I want to update you with a 2018/2019 post even though it’s not quite the first of the year anymore.

I have mixed feelings about this past year. It was a difficult one. I suffered with depressive feelings and thoughts throughout the entirety of 2018, I struggled to find my purpose and decide what makes me happy, and I didn’t meet as many of my goals that I had set for myself as I had planned. But, it was also a memorable year. I started Lang Videography and filmed quite a few weddings that I’m rather proud of. I opened my Etsy shop, Digidanico. Then most importantly, I married the man of my dreams, my rock, my everything, and together we went on an amazing Midwest road trip.

I’m a go-getter and a hard worker, so I can look back and see all of these projects and exciting life events that I accomplished, but still I’m thinking of 2018 as bad year for me. I know I shouldn’t do that, but it’s hard to ignore my feelings that I was experiencing at the time. I’m working to be better mentally and have made changes in my life that I truly believe will be the best for Trevor and I.

Hello 2019!

This year, 2019, is going to be my year though! My life has been in a constant state of change for many years now, and this year is going to be no different; however, I know that the decisions that Trevor and I are making now are ones with our happiness in mind. We are focused on the long term this year--like saving money so we can someday build a house, potentially starting a family, and focusing on creating careers that we are both really happy in. I know we are going to have lots of big announcements to share this year, and I am really excited for everything.

But you know me, I’ve got to set goals, so here I am. I’ve broken out my goals into categories. Some of them are specific and some of them are more broad. Goals keep me focused throughout the year, and as long as I continue to look back and keep these goals in mind, then most years turn out pretty successful. Usually I try to make sure that all of my goals are actionable items with definitive markers for success, but this year I focused on simply making goals that would make me happy. These yearly goals are big picture items, but every month I’ll try to focus down and create stair stepping goals that will put me on my path to hit my larger 2019 goals.

2019 Goals


+ start running

+ have a purpose every single day

+ take care of myself

+ pay off all of my credit cards

+ get pregnant

+ read more 

Vlog channel

+ post every Monday, Wednesday, Friday

+ participate in vlogtober

+ participate in vlogmas  

+ get comfortable vlogging around family


+ 1000 subscribers on Youtube

+ post a plan with me video every week

+ 1000 PlannerGram followers

+ keep up with a new release schedule and constantly design

Lang Videography

+ get 1 new client per month

+ film at least one non-wedding event

+ branch out my client base to others in the community besides brides

All of these goals are set with the intention of only focusing on success in the form of my happiness. If at any time any of these goals/categories/etc. seem to hinder my happiness or consume my life in a way that is unhealthy then I will push these goals away and start fresh. I kind of cringe at the fact that I am putting down number driven goals (especially in my Digidanico section), but I believe that the goals will come naturally if I continue to do the things I love with my Digital Planners and create content that makes me happy. I am most excited for my personal goals! And being that it’s February already I feel like I’ve already seen some success in my life from these goals being achieved.

The hardest part for me in regards to goal setting is sticking through with it the entire 12 months of the year. I often do really well with my goals in the first quarter of the new year, but then quickly get consumed by other things in life and forget to keep myself on track with these goals. I know that we never know what is going to happen next in life which means that my goals may need to evolve over the course of a year, but I want to try to keep myself more accountable this time. Can you help me out with that?

Anyways, I’m really happy in 2019 so far, and I am so excited for the things to come. What are your goals for this year? What are you doing to try to achieve them?